Consumer Advocate Says Protection Agency Should Be Like Harvard's Elizabeth Warren

Jeff Sovern at Public Citizen has a simple message for the Washington bureaucrats who will soon create the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency: Put Elizabeth Warren in charge and build the agency in her image.

Why Elizabeth Warren, you ask?

I want the CFPB to be just like Elizabeth Warren. When I think of Elizabeth Warren, I think of someone who does the work to find out what the problems are, identifies the best solution to those problems; and works hard to make that solution a reality, even though it means offending powerful interests–which may be why there’s opposition to her appointment (if there is opposition). That’s how we got the CFPB, and that’s what we need in the CFPB. We need an agency that bases its decisions on empirical realities rather than ideology. Just like Elizabeth Warren. And if that’s what we want, shouldn’t the CFPB be led by Elizabeth Warren?

Just in case you’re not up to speed about why Sovern hearts Professor Warren, we’ve included this video from Consumers Union’s recent activist summit. And, yes, that is Bankzilla at the activist summit, devouring an innocent bystander as a shocked (OK, hysterical) Warren looks on.

I Want the CFPB to Be Like Elizabeth Warren [CL&P Blog: ]

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