Microsoft, Sony Charge You Fees On Top Of Fees To Use HuluPlus On Consoles

Tech bloggers who dug through some hidden text on Hulu’s page announcing pay service HuluPlus discovered unwelcome news for PS3 owners. The text indicates Sony plans on reserving HuluPlus access for those who sign up for its $50-a-year PlayStation Plus online service. The probable move, for now unconfirmed by Sony, falls in line with Microsoft’s decree that only paying Xbox Live Gold members will be able to access HuluPlus.

Yep, game companies are charging you fees for the right to be able to pay Hulu a fee. This is the sort of behavior you’d expect out of Microsoft, which restricts Netflix streaming to gold members, while Sony lets all users stream Netflix. For now.

UPDATE: Sony is holding Hulu Plus back from non-PlayStation Plus members only during the Hulu Plus trial period.

Playstation Plus: Required for Hulu Plus? [Technologizer via Joystiq]

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