Homeowners Association Spends $300,000 In Legal Fees Over A Pick-Up Truck

A homeowner in Florida was awarded $187,000 in legal fees from a years-long court battle over the right to park a pick-up truck in his driveway. Now the homeowners association is going to have to pick up the tab for $300,000 in fees.

The homeowner first moved in in 1997, and it was years before the association decided he couldn’t park his pick-up truck in his driveway. Not having a garage that could accommodate the large truck, he decided to fight.

The homeowners association lost in 2008, but then appealed the decision.

“They just didn’t care,” the homeowner told FOX 13. “It was like, ‘our rules overrule what your community says because we’re a master association and, you know, we’re right and you’re wrong.’ I couldn’t believe I had to go hire an attorney just to defend myself against this, what was a meritless lawsuit.”

“I think what people should take away from this is that homeowners should be left alone unless it’s a very serious issue,” the homeowner’s attorney said. “And, certainly, requiring a homeowner to spend over two hundred thousand dollars to defend themselves simply to park a vehicle in the driveway just doesn’t make any sense at all.”

Homeowner wins right to park truck in own driveway [Fox 13]

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