Don't Be Hilarious On The Internet Or Best Buy Will Suspend You

We’re a bit late to this little drama, so excuse us, but apparently the author of the funny “iPhone VS Evo” robot voice videos has been suspended from his job selling cellphones at Best Buy, despite the fact that the video never even mentions Best Buy, instead calling the fictional store “Phone Mart.”

The Associated Press says that the suspended Best Buy employee had mentioned the store in other videos, but that he took them down after the company complained.

“The earlier ones were just kind of inside jokes. Crazy customers,” he told the AP. “They took it that I was bashing the company, and stockholders were going to be upset.”

Best Buy’s official statement:

“This is an important situation for us because it involves balancing our social media guidelines with a commitment to creating a supportive environment for our employees,” Barber said. “That’s why our investigation into this matter will take some time before it’s concluded, and why we look forward to seeing Brian back on the job come Monday.”

We would just like to say that if Best Buy sanctions pie fights in their stores, they should lighten up about these videos. Meanwhile, the formerly-suspended worker says he’s looking for a new job.

Here they are. NSFW, swearing.

Worker in trouble for snarky iPhone-Evo video [Google]

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