Do Your Patriotic Duty And Eat Ice Cream This Month

Whatever problems a liberal jerk like me might have with Ronald Reagan, I will give the man this — In 1984, he had the vision to name July as National Ice Cream Month. And then, within National Ice Cream Month, there is National Ice Cream Day. This year, that falls on July 18. When Reagan made the declaration, he asked Americans to celebrate this glorious month with “appropriate ceremonies and activities,” which I will take to mean, “burying my face in a bucket of butter pecan.”

Over at Confections Of A Dangerous Mind, blogger Mark Marino details his deep and abiding love for all flavors of ice cream, but also reflects on how he always ends up “coming back to basics, like a carton of chocolate/vanilla/strawberry.”

Which leads me to this question for y’all: What’s the one ice cream flavor that will always get your mouth to watering?

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