Guy Wearing Miami Heat LeBron James Jersey Escorted From Indians Game

Watch what you wear to the game: The AP says that a man wearing a new official Miami Heat LeBron James jersey was escorted from a Cleveland Indians game after the crowd turned on him. No word on whether or not the man got to watch the rest of the game.

This makes us wonder… should he get a refund? Or do you provoke the home crowd at your own risk?

Toward the end of the video a little shoving match takes place but it’s hard to tell who starts it. (NSFW, language)

Fan in LeBron’s Heat jersey taunted, escorted out of Progressive Field []


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  1. edison234 says:

    They took him in for a Cleveland Steamer.

  2. Preyfar says:

    Frankly, unless there’s a dress code that prohibits it… guy needs a refund. You can wear any team jersey from the home team/rival team to a game, so what’s wrong with this? I think they removed him for his own safety to protect him from rabid fans, but the guy needs compensation.

    Even if he intentionally wore it to incite the fans, how many fans of the opposing team wear jerseys to do the same thing? Are they removed?

    • DanRydell says:

      He deserves no compensation, because he got the reaction he wanted. The Indians didn’t make him wear the jersey to the game, they should bear no financial responsibility for his experience as long as they handled it appropriately, which it appears that they did.

      • Clyde Barrow says:

        So this is what our country is these days? Wearing a jersey gets a guy kicked out? This is f’ing asinine. Those people complaining and the guards escorting this guy our should apologize. If a person’s sensibilities are that delicate, they stay home and play in the corner. It’s a game.

        • Aathos says:

          He wasn’t thrown out simply because he wore the jersey, but because it of the trouble it was causing.

          • SpruceStreetPhil - in a new Pine flavor says:

            Uhhh… the jersey itself is a shirt, a piece of clothing. It’s rather hard for THAT to cause trouble. The troublemakers were the people who got upset over something they had no right to get upset about.

          • MauriceCallidice says:

            That’s like saying “he wasn’t thrown out because he was black, but because of the way the white people reacted to being near a black person.”

            No, I’m not playing a race card (I didn’t watch the video, I don’t know and doesn’t matter what color the individuals involved are), just trying to point out the flaw in that logic.

        • Aathos says:

          He wasn’t thrown out simply because he wore the jersey, but because it of the trouble it was causing.

          • Pax says:

            Maybe the assholes who decided to get riled up about a SHIRT, were the ones who needed to be ejected from the game?

        • Griking says:

          What if he was wearing a shirt that said something like “black people suck”? Should he be allowed to do that too? Of course not but that shirt would probably have attracted the same kind of attention. Don’t purposely wear a shirt to provoke people and then get upset when you get a reaction that you don’t like.

        • VouxCroux says:

          He incited the crowd. That is disturbing the peace or causing incitement to violence

      • TheUncleBob says:

        Disagree. Wearing a shirt isn’t against the rules. Harassing other paying customers is. If they were doing the right thing, they should have ejected every single person in the stands that was harassing this one guy. They didn’t – instead, they chose the easy route – and thus owe this guy, at least, a refund.

        • VouxCroux says:

          He wore the jersey to be inciteful. He provoked the crowd into violence. No refund. Charged with disturbing the peace? I’d be against it but that’s what he did. You can’t walk into a volatile situation and light the powder keg with a borrowed match and expect the fault to rest with the person who lent you the match.

          • TheUncleBob says:

            Dude, seriously, it’s a shirt. Get over it.

            “I don’t like the shirt that guy is wearing. The only solution is verbal and physical assaults.”

            In what universe is this considered an okay mindset?

            • Johnny Rotten says:

              This. Sorry, pretending that no one has control of themselves and that this person basically deserved what he got is just silly.

          • buttcat says:

            so wouldn’t wearing any jersey that’s not for the home team “spiteful”?

      • Griking says:

        I agree.

        This guy knew damn well what kind of reaction he would get by wearing that shirt. Would he have rather that they let him stay and watch the game and get his ass kicked? Of course not, he would have expected that security protect his dumb ass him the whole night. He doesn’t deserve a refund, he deserves to have to walk through the parking lot after the game unescorted.

    • VouxCroux says:

      He wore the jersey to be inciteful. He provoked the crowd into violence. No refund. Charged with disturbing the peace? I’d be against it but that’s what he did.

      • hypochondriac says:

        So do you agree with the school that had a student go home because he was wearing a US Flag T-shirt on the Fifth of May?

        It’s a shirt, he should get a refund with an semi apology, something like were sorry some of our fans are such assholoes

  3. DanDestructo says:

    i really hate sports fans. IMO, they can be as irrational and narrow-minded as racists sometimes.

    • Riroon13 says:

      I used to enjoy going to New Orleans Hornets games, until some a**hole behind me (Hornets fan) crawled on top and over me to fight a San Antonio Spurs fan two rows in front of me. FWIW, the Spurs fan was to himself, had brought his young (5-6 year oldish?) daughter and was minding his own business. Only way one would know he was a Spurs fan was because of the hat he wore.

      The cop in charge of security in our section did nothing when I warned him that a fight was imminent. I wrote the Hornets front office, who were apologetic and promised things would change. I don’t know if that’s true or not because I’ve never been back in two years. I know of other forms of entertainment that are cheaper and do not involve my own daughters and myself becoming collateral damage for some redneck, drunk and stupid before the opening tip.

    • denros says:

      maybe that’s why everyone was so mad at him – the ridiculously disproportionate pay of lebron james probably dwarfs the combined salary of many hospitals.

      in all seriousness, I get what you mean. the fact that people take pro sports that they have literally no stake in beyond personal interest so seriously and personally, enough that they’re willing to accost (and in some cases physically attack) another human being flies in the face of everything I think defines being civilized.

      • kajillion123 says:

        I would bet you 1/1000000th what Lebron makes that they wouldn’t give a shit about his repugnant salary if he had stayed in Cleveland.

        • kajillion123 says:

          Whoops, I left a zero off there, I’m not that rich.

          • jaybee24 says:

            They don’t care about the salary at all. He took less than the max to play in Miami with his friends Bosh and Wade. That’s what Cleveland fans are pissed about.

            • Greely says:

              Due to taxes, LeBron will end up making more cash in Miami even though he didn’t take the highest salary offered him.

  4. sonneillon says:

    I don’t know about refund, but maybe a raincheck type ticket. Although if he wears that shirt again next time he’s on his own.

  5. balthisar says:

    What the heck? When the cheese heads show up at Ford Field and sit in our section, we all have mutual fun. And at the Joe, no one really starts berating the guys in the Blackhawks jerseys. Basketball is a lesser sport, though, so maybe they have lesser fans? /me ducks

    • pb5000 says:

      I was at the Joe in 97, behind a guy wearing an Claude Lemieux jersey. The wings fans were not too happy with him, generally throwing insults his way and the occasional balled up napkin or pizza crust. He didn’t need to be removed though.

      • Humward says:

        He’s lucky Darren McCarty wasn’t in the stands.

        Seriously, though, that’s the right reaction. A few napkins, a couple of funny insults, and after the game you all laugh about it. No teams have ever hated each other as much as the Red Wings and Avalanche that season — and no one was more detested than that jackass. But even at that level of pure sports “hatred”…it’s still just a sport.

        • Robert Terwilliger says:

          Maybe if the guy wearing the Claude jersey had assaulted one of his napkin assailants, McCarty would have beaten him up too. Kris Draper would just stand there and watch.

      • VouxCroux says:

        Wearing the jersey of your opponent is a different matter. This is Cleveland. Home of Lebron James. Who they see as having betrayed them, the fans, in the worst way possible. Wearing the jersey of his new team, of his new jersey, is asking for it.

        Wearing a Cowboys jersey to Giants Stadium is not. Why would this guy wear a Lebron Heat jersey less than a month after “The Decision?” He probably does care more about Lebron than the Cavs, but anyone stupid enough to wear that jersey to that place probably shoulnd’t be allowed to drive.

        • tsume says:

          I love how sport fans are taking this LeBron thing way too seriously. Grats, you’re giving LeBron what he really wants. How about focusing your priorities on what’s really important in life? LeBron’s “the decision” is not a life or death matter and should not affect the rationale when deciding between kicking out jackasses physically harassing a guy or the guy wearing the shirt no one likes.

  6. pantheonoutcast says:

    They’re lucky someone wants to pay to see an Indians game in the first place:

    • SeattleSeven says:

      It should be noted that ticket prices at Progressive Field start at $4.00

      With such unreasonable ticket prices, it is no wonder people aren’t attending games in Cleveland.

  7. flexorz says:

    At first I thought the same thing, that he deserves a refund. But allegedly, there are other videos of the same guy doing the same thing at other locations around the ballpark – so the guy was basically trolling around the stadium doing this for attention. After hearing this, I think he deserved to be kicked out.

  8. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    That’s BS, and he should get a refund. The shirt wasn’t offensive by any definition, and if the attendees didn’t like it, it’s not really his fault. If they want to eject him from the game because of unruliness caused by his shirt, at least refund him the ticket.

    • VouxCroux says:

      “If they want to eject him from the game because of unruliness caused by his shirt, at least refund him the ticket.”

      It’s called disturbing the peace. You can’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater (unless there’s an actual fire, of course)

    • DanRydell says:

      “Not offensive by any definition”? Why even comment on the article if you’re so clueless? That jersey is about the most offensive thing he could wear in Cleveland.

  9. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    He dressed like he wanted it to happen!

    • Coupon says:

      EXACTLY. He knew what he was doing 100%. He is eating up all the press.

    • ARP says:

      He said no, but he really meant yes.

    • Doubts42 says:

      and she shouldn’t have worn those heels and the short skirt if she didn’t want to be raped.

      makes about as much sense huh.

      • kyle4 says:

        That’s a pretty horrible comparison. If you wanted to make a more relevant one it should’ve been like, “It’s equivalent to wearing a Nazi shirt to the million man march.”

        • pantheonoutcast says:

          The Million Man March was organized to combat the negative racial stereotypes against blacks in the American media and in popular culture.

          So, an even more relevant comparison would be, “Wearing a LeBron James Jersey to the Million Man March.”

    • Pax says:

      … and women who wear extra-short miniskirts are dressed like they WANT to be raped. Right?



  10. Thornhill says:

    The guy’s a childish attention-whore, but there’s an element of that at just about any major sporting event. He should be treated the same as anyone else. If he was removed for foul language, threats, or other untoward behavior, no refund. If he was removed for his own safety, give the guy his money back. Sports teams can’t just up and decide one day to wage a war on jackassery.

    • Preyfar says:

      Pretty much, yeah. Half the fans of Team A go just to boo and hiss Team B. If this guy’s removed for doing that… then they should remove hecklers and anybody else.

      Ever been to a hockey game? Oh my god, the few times I go I always leave almost half deaf due to everybody around me screaming non-stop obscenities at the other team and trashing them for damn near two hours.

      What this guy’s jersey did is absolutely nothing that doesn’t happen at /any/ sporting event by half the stadium.

  11. rpm773 says:

    It gets great at 50 seconds in….

  12. Coupon says:

    They guy’s girlfriend started the shoving, btw

  13. grucifer says:

    A guy wearing a Dallas jersey got kicked out of an Eagles game last season for being a d**k to his girl, a bunch of people around him started harassing him.

    It’s easier to kick out the lone Dallas fan than the sea of green hanging around. Same thing goes in this case, clearly people in Cleveland are upset.

    While the guy probably does deserve compensation, he is a dummy for wearing that jersey there without question.

  14. 44Wadeable says:

    Wearing that Jersey to a Cleveland Indians game is just plain antagonistic and dumb (or maybe I’m just saying that because I’m not a fan of Lebron’s moving to Miami), but he probably should be offered a rain check to go to another game.

  15. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    I was at a Twins game when Cleveland was visiting a few years ago – we had *sweet* seats behind home plate, maybe 25 rows up. Sweet for my taste anyway.

    At any rate, about 6 rows in front of us is a guy in a Cleveland jersey who looked EXACTLY like Drew Carey. I mean, if he presented himself as Drew Carey, I think the average schmuck would have believed him. Horn-rimmed glasses and everything.

    Which was fine – until he started jumping up and down and screaming “CLEVELAND ROCKS! CLEVELAND ROCKS!” Incessantly. And jeering at the surrounding Twins Fans. And just absolutely being the biggest dick he could possibly be. I am astounded to this day that he didn’t get the living shit beat out of him right then and there.

    It’s just astonishing how much people can suck. On purpose. For the sole point of irritating everyone around them.

    • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

      I’m guessing the Twins faithful at the Metrodome were giving him his graces. After all, it takes a lot of courage to even admit being a Cleveland Indians fan in Cleveland, let alone on the road. Oh, what a coincidence, the Indians are in town to play our “beloved” Blue Jays. I wonder how many Indians fans will make the trek up? I guess I can count the number with the fingers on one hand. I’m also guessing plenty of good seats are available.

  16. FreeShaggy says:

    All about context. If you went to a Bulls games wearing a MJ jersey from his short lived time in Washington, people would laugh and ask you why you payed money for that jersey.

    Living in Baltimore 2 blocks from Camden Yards and being a Phillies fan, I have worn my Philly jersey to games like Baltimore vs New York. Nobody seems to care, but if they ever do, I just tell em how much I hate the Yankees and Red Sox too and then it’s all good.

    If this happened in Toronto (someone wearing a Bosh Miami Heat jersey) probably completely different reaction, if any reaction at all.

    • bhr says:

      I have regular tix to Camden Yards. We play “random Jersey of the game”. Looking for the most out of place jersey. Points for teams that aren’t playing, teams in the other league, retired players, ect…

      Last two winners were a Mickey Tettleton Orioles Jersey and a Shane Victorino Rainbow colored Phillies Jersey.

      Its all in good fun. Even Yankee/Sox fans dont get too much crap (cause they outnumber us)

      • On2ndThoughtJohnnyLikesJazz says:

        Holy hell… cousin is an MLB statistician. Throughout history only 3 people bought Mickey Tettleton jerseys. Pretty rare find.

  17. c!tizen says:

    I’m shocked, especially since Cleveland is known for it’s classiness.

    Is baseball still a sport? I thought they change that too when they took away Pluto’s status as a planet.

  18. odarkshineo says:

    not sure y u would hang out with dbags and expect anything less…the fact that people pay to watch these giant commercials is still beyond me.

  19. Cyniconvention says:

    Refund the man. If people don’t like his choice of dress, whatever.

    I do wonder if his clothing choice was intentional. If so–well, it made me laugh.

  20. mvillafana says:

    He has the right to be there, no matter what name is on his jersey.

    I think it might have something to do w/the First Amendment, but I could be wrong.

    • SteveinOhio says:

      You are. The 1st amendment protects speech from government interference. The Cleveland Indians are not the government.

    • VouxCroux says:

      It was Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes that said:

      “The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic. […] The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.”

      The Cleveland Indians are not Congress, but it is clear that in this situation the man was being disruptive with his First Amendment right. Incitement to panic or to violence or disturbing the peace means that you waive that right. This individual, by wearing clothing that his community deemed offensive and obscene, was causing a commotion around him. In the interest of public safety the Indians have every right and reason to throw him out. For his own safety and that of those around him.

  21. bhr says:

    To be fair, reading the reports it sounds like he was changing seats, wandering the grandstand, ect… Trying to provoke people. Also, he was wearing an under armor 3/4 shirt under an under armor polo under the jersey. with a sideways cap. Just saying….

  22. Unicorn-Chaser says:

    Cleveland fans..(shaking head)…no wonder LaBron left.

  23. paul says:

    At Blackhawks vs Blues hockey games in St. Louis, it’s not uncommon for fights to break out in the stands between Chicago & St Louis fans. Typically the security will come to break it up and escort the Chicago fans out of the stadium while leaving the St Louis fans to enjoy the rest of the game. I’d expect the same thing to happen in reverse if the game were in Chicago…

  24. bigd738778 says:

    While I do understand that most of you here on the Consumerist are lawyers or at least pretend to be do understand that if you read the back of a MLB stadium ticket you will see some interesting things. Most ballparks will list on the back of the ticket that the teams or the stadium officials can remove an individual for any reason they deem. No joke. Why can’t you sue if you get hit by a ball or bat, because on the back of the ticket it says you may get hit. You have to understand that when you go to a sporting event you have to abide by the rules of the stadium and if you don’t like them you will be asked to leave. The team/stadium also says what signs you may display and if you display a sign that an owner may not like, you will have to remove it or leave. I would imagine that there is no lawsuit that can be used in this instance because at a Major League Stadium the admendment does not apply, that is why baseball is exempt from any form of government handling, other than an FDA insite rule for steroids. Face it, you may not like the fact someone can’t where a LaFake jersey to an Indians game but the MLB club and Stadium owners hold all the cards. And I love it when the crybabies lose. Dude and his “woman” are both asses for doing what they did. They are just lucky that some of the fans didn’t handle them properly in the parking lot.

    • erinpac says:

      Apparently in the 6th inning someone put him on the jumbotron. >.

      Don’t worry though if you want to see more of Bellamy, he’s already given multiple TV interviews and contacted a lawyer.

    • Johnny Rotten says:

      You’re confusing corporate policy and the law. The former putting something on the back of a ticket doesn’t magically change the latter.

  25. JayPhat says:

    IMHO, the guy deserves a refund for Cleveland claiming to have a Major League Baseball team, but maybe thats just me.

    On a more serious note, the guy did it to start something. He had to. No fan of the Indians(see the above comment) who would PAY MONEY to see the game would be dumb enough to support Lebron now.

  26. Humward says:

    I was at a Yankees game a few years back, when a guy wearing a Red Sox hat came into the stands. The reaction was predictable — hundreds of people chanting “Take That Hat Off.” He was ribbing us by wearing a Red Sox hat, and we were ribbing him back. That’s how you do it — you don’t start getting into a shoving match with someone because they’re wearing your rival’s shirt. You just give them a little good-natured grief, they give it back, you all order a $14 beer, and you watch the game.

    Christ, people can be idiots sometimes.

    • chiieddy says:

      Yeah, but Red Sox/Yankees still gets the drunks in standing room fighting in the stands. The vast majority of us rib each other good natured-like. Heck, one of my friends from NJ got my Red Sox/Yankees tickets at Fenway this Spring. She work Yankees, I wore Red Sox. Sox won. I told her Yankees suck. She agreed for that game ;)

    • VouxCroux says:

      Yeah, but rivalries aren’t personal.

      The people of Cleveland took this personally. LeBron was them, and they him. It’s not a rivalry, it’s a jilted lover. Rivalries are easy and simple. But this is emotion.

  27. SteveinOhio says:

    He deserves nothing in return. He got exactly what he wanted, which was attention and the potential for a mini-riot.

  28. Memtex784 says:

    I remember after the Brewers settled into the new ball park. I swear I seen more people wear Packer jackets and shirts outnumber people who wore Brewers logos.

  29. SilentAgenger says:

    I heard of this woman that got invited to sit in the owner’s box at a Yankees game, and she showed up wearing an Orioles cap. Then some dude from the Yankees front office asked her to remove the cap, and she refused. Then the dude got security to escort her out of the ballpark. Meanwhile this guy that was with her got beaned in the head with a foul ball while the security was hauling them away! No, wait…that was just an episode of Senfeld…

  30. djanes1 says:

    “This is a Cleveland Indians game. There’s only room enough here for one offensive image!!”

  31. nybiker says:

    I wonder if he had worn a miami heat jersey instead would he have been thrown out? What arena/location does the heat play in? Does that corporate john have a t-shirt with their name on it that he could have worn instead and would that have caused any problems?

    Does the corporate john for this stadium (see the caption for the video for the name) have a t-shirt and if someone was to wear it while in another baseball stadium/field would they get kicked out? Food / beer for thought. Discuss.

  32. almightytora says:

    I love how people all of a sudden change the perspective of the video from vertical to horizontal, thinking that it would automatically be rotated.

    And when the video says “Watch this guy closely”, the girlfriend hits the guy. Epic video, but the Youtube comments are ragging on the poor camera guy’s footage, and rightfully so.

  33. FS1 says:

    With fans like that, it is no wonder that LeBron left the town.

  34. al says:

    This man did not deserve to be kicked out of a public game for what he was wearing.

    He should have been kicked out based on the fact he is a grown man wearing his hat like that.

    This video shall be added to my reasons why im happy I dont follow sports.

  35. itsagame says:

    You Lebron haters need to grow up. This wasn’t even Lebron, just some fan.
    What problems will you bring to Cav management next spring when hundreds of fans will show up wearing the same jersey when Cleveland entertains the Heat. Should they all be escorted out?
    This guy probably won’t make any effort to get a refund or a rain check. He got his attention.
    But there’s certainly an expectation that one can sit quietly at a game and not have to defend oneself from any violence from other loonies out there. Of course if he taunted them all before security showed up, then I guess he needed to go. But my God, its just a game people.

  36. Levk says:

    another reason why i dislike sports, its just a shirt… get over it

  37. t-spoon says:

    He did incite the crowd, but the crowd is a bunch of morons.

  38. Benobi says:

    Lemme see if I “get” this.

    I guy wears a jersey which depicts shows support of a rival team. The people around him choose to act like children and verbally confront and attack him because of the shirt.

    Yet he’s the one “disturbing the peace” because of a simple article of clothing.

    One can probably agree that the shirt selection was in bad taste, but a bunch of you are acting as if he was wearing a pro-Nazi shirt or something.

    The ones “disturbing the peace” and “inciting” were those who chose to employ violence and intimidation to respond to a clothing choice.

    I personally don’t care for the color green. Does that entitle me, in our politically correct world where everyone has the right to never be offended, to accost the individual and then clamor to the police that the person is disturbing the peace because they’re wearing green?

    • mystery79 says:

      He was acting like a “child” as well. The guy was participating in the taunting and according to many people sitting in that section , he started it.

  39. INsano says:

    Freedom ain’t free. durrrrr

    Who would have thought the sparkling inteligensia of a baseball game wouldn’t be able to work out the distinction between a manufactured rivalry and real life? Course I guess when you put a bunch of people in one place who have proven to be able to have arbitrary loyalties based on shirt color, what sort of response would you expect. If it wasn’t the wearer being intentionally provocative(hard to tell from the video), that’s sad.

  40. mystery79 says:

    I’m an Indians fan and I live in Cleveland. I heard (wasn’t there so can’t say for sure) that people were saying stuff to this guy and he and his girlfriend were arguing back and that he allegedly tossed a beer on someone. The fan who got the beer tossed on him told an usher and was asking for the guy to be ejected. I guess shortly after that happened he was shown on the jumbo tron and the people who witnessed the argument he was having were getting pissed at him for the beer throwing incident, more so than they were before he tossed the beer. Fans not in that section thought it was just the jersey and joined in the taunting.

    I’m not making an excuse for the fans, I think it was a bit embarrassing and I hate that this idiot is milking the incident for publicity (heard he was going to sue the Indians for “emotional pain” after the incident – maybe the guy his girlfriend hit or some of the people he gave the finger to can counter sue). There are no winners in the situation. Put it in perspective though – the Indians were getting their asses kicked by the Yankees and a lot of the folks in the bleachers had been drinking. The guy in the jersey wasn’t – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize you don’t taunt drunks @ a sporting event. I can somewhat understand (note didn’t say I condone it) why the fans reacted the way they did, I don’t understand why the jersey guy acted the way he did, unless he was expecting for something to happen.

  41. devilsadvocate says:

    was there a dress policy that was clearly advertised prior to the sale of the ticket? if not, then they have violated his freedom of speech?

  42. FrugalFreak says:

    Do baseball fans and sports fans realize that the world really does NOT care? Who cares that so and so did what for which team. Sport fanatics are Silly.

  43. Jemaine says:

    The way I look at is, he’s gonna be a Lebron fan no matter what. Lebron has been in Cleveland since, when they drafted him from high school? He’s part of the Cleveland culture whether anyone likes it or not. I don’t understand why its a big deal he left anyways. I wanted him to go to Chicago myself, but I don’t care enough either way.

  44. YOXIM says:


  45. smackswell says:

    Nothing from the video shows whether or not he was purposely getting the crowd riled up. Asking him to relocate and remove the jersey seems reasonable.

  46. trey says:

    losers will always act like losers. stay classy Cleveland .