GameStop's StarCraft II Boost Pack Offer Seems To Be A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Sean has done some sleuthing and believes he has exposed a supposed GameStop exclusive game add-on is a fraud. The game-selling chain offered a “Boost Pack” for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty to those who picked the game up at a midnight launch earlier this week, but Sean says the pack’s codes are unnecessary placebos that don’t give code-holders any more access than those without the Boost Pack.

He writes:

1) Go to

2) Marvel at the “enter your code here!” page and wonder way special offers
await behind it.

3) Type anything into the box. Anything at all! I chose “idonthaveacode” and…
hey, wait a minute, I go to the Boost Pack elusive offer page! YES! THE CODES
DON’T WORK! Because there *are* no codes at all. They don’t exist.

Which leads me to…

The Boost Pack card claims the code can be used to access a
giveaway with prizes! But the same giveaway is posted directly on, the main site, and is open to anybody. Anybody at all. In
fact, there’s not even a way to enter the “Boost Pack” code. *AT ALL*

This entire thing is a lie, is deceptive advertising and is outright misleading
to those who pre-ordered to get in on the special offer or stood in lines at the
GameStop midnight launch to get this “exclusive offer”.

If you picked up a Boost Pack, let us know if the code has given you some sort of benefit that Sean couldn’t find.

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