Walmart Wants You To Get Liquored Up For Back-To-School Shopping

I found these plastic shot glasses nestled among the crayons and glue sticks in the back-to-school section of my local Walmart. I’m not sure what it implies. Do college students use Elmer’s Glue now?

My friend with several school-aged children saw it differently, noting, “That might be what I need to survive back to school shopping.”

Here’s a close-up of the shot glass package. At least they’re BPA-free. disposable shot glasses

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  1. chaesar says:

    chocolate-milk pong?

    fingerpaint containers?

    non-alcoholic jello shots?

  2. caradrake says:

    Those are good size cups for paints and other crafty stuff. But it’s easier to use disposable dixie cups, bowls, or plates.

    Working at Walmart, the department manager usually has to make X amount of those strips and then deposit them throughout the store. Lemme tell you, I had to put some plastic straws in some crazy places. (They were 500 for $1, I sold around 600 units that month – enough to win me $50 from my manager.)

  3. sqeelar says:

    At least the lipstick isn’t in the same aisle. That’s the biggest giveaway — drunk lipstick application in high school.

  4. moyawyvern says:

    One year at Back-To-School time I was at Walmart, and mixed in with the Trapper Keepers and saucer chairs they had a huge display of Kegerators. So shot glasses seem about par for the course.

  5. smo0 says:

    They say people (kids especially) learn better when they are half asleep.
    I hope this is on display for middle schoolers – they need to chill the eff out.

  6. Hoot says:

    Maybe there’s just a huge global surplus of these shot glasses. We’ve certainly seen a lot of pictures of them on this blog. Now they’re leaking into unrelated aisles.

    More jello shots, world!

  7. flarn2006 says:

    I’ve always thought it was weird that they have the back-to-school sales so early.

    • SenorBob says:

      In some parts of the country, this is not early. Kids in Texas start in August.

    • K-Bo says:

      Year round schools in nc started a new year a few weeks ago. Even though they are year round, you still have back to school type shopping for new supplies when starting in a new room with a new teacher.

    • RickN says:

      Depends on where you live. My Georgia county’s schools start in 2 weeks.

  8. RickN says:

    I found back-to-school shopping much more enjoyable after a couple of shots.

  9. tgrwillki says:

    College students need school supplies, too….

  10. DarthCoven says:

    In high school we just put vodka in plastic water bottles. Much easier to disguise than a colored shot glass.

    • katstermonster says:

      Not so good when you’re parched and grab a water bottle from your fridge, then take a big swig without double-checking that it’s water.

      It hasn’t happened to me, but a friend did that. With Dubra, of all things.

    • perfectly_cromulent says:

      at my high school, it got to the point where we weren’t allowed to have any containers outside of the lunch areas, so some girls started putting it in cleaned out hairspray bottles then would duck in their locker and spray a bunch of times. i always wondered how they thought they were being any less conspicuous.

  11. c!tizen says:

    I’m surprised no one else noticed that as odd as this product placement may be, they seem to be pretty much sold out. So either they were intentionally brought from an another isle for a quick photo shoot and submission to everyones favorite online consumer gripe spot, or this placement works really well.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      Yep, a very successful promotion.

      I took the picture. So if someone moved them, it wasn’t me.

  12. sanjaysrik says:

    This was obviously written by someone who doesn’t have kids. These are used by kids in classes for paint. It’s not even a story except for someone looking for some sort of weird conspiracy theory.

  13. mythago says:

    In high school the girls used those roll-on lip gloss applicators for drinking. Pop out the roll-on ball, wash out the lip glass, refill with vodka. (I didn’t do this because I wasn’t stupid enough to drink AT SCHOOL, where you would GET CAUGHT. Duh.)

    • qualityleashdog says:

      @mythago: That’s pathetic. They would hold what, one ounce, maybe two? Maybe it was like carrying airline miniatures around. They pull them out, sit them on the desk, and say, well the Kiwi Strawberry is Vodka, the Melon Madness is Scotch, the Passionfruit Blast is Gin, and so on.

  14. MrBryan says:

    Ths s nws?

  15. zandar says:

    to be fair, my 6 year old daughter would probably love using these cups for arts and crafts.

    and we use tongue depressors at craft time too. and pipe cleaners.

    nothing to see here, move on people.

  16. JeremieNX says:

    Here comes Shot Glass Story Number 4….. Seriously, Consumerist. It *is* possible to screen out the email tips you receive.

  17. dvdchris says:

    School supplies are a racket. At least thats what I think. I remember year after year the majority of the ‘required’ supplies going unused.

  18. dg says:

    It’s really pretty simple if you think about it. WallyWorld, and most large retailers have computers that look at correlations of what sold with what. What you bought, but didn’t buy, and so on. Then they try to figure out how to cross merchandise items so you’ll be more likely to buy what’s been bought with certain items anyway… The thought being that if it’s right there, and you don’t have to go hunting for it, then it’s an impulse buy and happens more frequently.

    When you have 4000+ stores like WallyWorld does, “more frequently” can really add up.

    Now fast forward to today’s lesson: A good review of the “People of WalMart” website reveals that they’re the type to be so relieved that Jr. is goin’ back fer sum skoolin’ after da sunnytime break that they’re gonna have a shots party! Wooooo hooo! Got me the house back… no more “watch those damn kids so they don’t get into shit for me!”…

    See… Completely rational…

  19. Crovie says:

    So that’s where you find them! I’ve been looking everywhere for shot glasses. You’d think the liquor store would have them, or maybe the dishware store, or even the dollar store, but nope. They’re in Walmart. Good to know.

  20. MrEvil says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else fed up with the constant bombardment of some type of “Sales Event” from retailers most of the year. Christmas I don’t have a problem with, but now it’s like six straight months of this bullshit.