Georgia Woman Plans To Win Foreclosed House Back With Cornbread

Many people, facing underemployment and foreclosure on their home, would despair. Not reader Bev. She’s determined to win her house back when it’s sold at auction, and is fighting back with… cornbread. Wait, cornbread?

She writes:

This is a backyard view of my home; the first I ever purchased. It’s a ranch with three bedrooms, two-full baths and a two-car garage. I purchased it in April 2006, with excellent credit and very little debt. Fourteen months after purchase, I lost my full-time job. A month later, I was working a permanent part-time job with a high-end furniture retailer. I supplemented my income with savings and by selling nail polish and greeting cards. One year later, the part-time job was cut to four hours with one day’s notice. That was my last day. I had enough and decided to employ myself.

During this time, an investment I made failed and I lost the house. Friends, neighbors and colleagues snickered and became very condescending. I prayed and let them go. Instantly, I felt better. =)

On March 2, 2010, the bank foreclosed. In this highly unpleasant situation, something amazing happened, the Lord blessed me with a creative idea. Suddenly, I had a clear vision of what I needed to do to recover everything: Create a Cornbread Career. Long story short, I did.

Her secret weapon: an e-book of cornbread recipes and her site where she sells the recipe book and her own cornbread mixes. Brilliant idea. Good luck to Bev, and we hope to report back when she wins her house back.

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