Dial Says It Will Replace My Leaky Antiperspirant, Sends Measly Coupon Instead

Joe’s antiperspirant sprung more holes than WikiLeaks sources, so he called up the Dial Corporation to ask about a replacement. The customer service rep promised a coupon for a free replacement but sent him a lowball manufacturer’s coupon instead. He called back to complain and Dial passed the buck to the retailer.

He writes:

When the promised replacement coupon arrived it turned out to be merely manufacturer’s cents-off coupons for a handful of other items I Called Dial again only to be told their policy is not to replace products that had expired.

When asked why there was no expiration date printed, I was admonished that “anyway, once a product is sold to the store, it becomes the responsibility of the retailer not the manufacturer.”

Whoa! I am out the $3.99 I paid for the leaky product.

That’s bad luck for Joe, getting stuck without antiperspirant when a corporation is making him hot under the collar.

Do you think it’s worth continuing the fight for the low-cost product to prove a point?

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