Verizon Stuck Me With Early Termination Fee Because I Moved

Robert wanted out of his Verizon FIOS contract when he made a move and made sure his new home was not in the coverage area. Despite his reasonable assumption that he would avoid an early termination fee, Verizon stuck him with an ETF specifically because he’s moving to a non-Verizon area.

Confused? Join Robert:

I had Verizon FIOS in Dallas, Texas. I called Verizon to cancel my service because I was moving. Prior to that, I made sure service was not available at my new address. Since service was not available, my only choice was to cancel (not that I wanted to, but had no choice). Since I was under contract, I figured no Early Termination Fee (ETF) would be charged since I’m moving. However, after calling and speaking with a manager several times, because I’m moving to a “non-Verizon area”, they are going to charge me the ETF, which is $100. I honestly feel like they are stealing from me. This isn’t fair at all. I can’t refuse to pay this because if it goes to a collection agency that will result in bad marks on my credit report. I don’t want that.

What advice would you give me in this situation?

If you’ve moved and been stuck with an ETF, how were you able to get rid of it?

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