Personal Finance Roundup

Two Mind Hacks to Lower Your Expenses [Free Money Finance] “Two mind hacks that will make you look at money differently from this day forward.”

7 Secrets to a Happy Retirement [US News] “Seven traits happy retirees share.”

Which college grads snag the best salaries [CNN Money] “Attending school in California and becoming an engineering major can really pay off for college graduates — by thousands of dollars a year.”

Financial Aid 101: How to get more cash [MSN Money] “Even well-off families may find they’re expected to pay more for college than they can really afford. But with the right financial moves, they can qualify for more aid.”

24 Top Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas & Opportunities [ChristianPF] “Even if you don’t have aspirations of working full-time from home, having a little supplemental income would be nice – wouldn’t it?”


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