Bloomingdale's Diesel Toddler Rain Boots Want You To Die

Jennifer writes in with these amazing Diesel toddler’s rain boots that, due to the angle of the photograph, appear to just say “DIE” in purple paint.

Jennifer says:

I am looking for gifts for my friend who is having a baby and came across these “Diesel” brand rain boots. The angle of the picture shows only part of the name which just happens to be ‘die.’ It would have been funnier if the boots had red paint instead of the purple.

We can help you out with that.

You’re right, it does work better in red. Too bad they actually say Diesel. We much prefer “DIE.” In fact, we feel that 100% of toddlers should wear scary blood-dripping boots with threatening imperative statements on them.

7-26-2010 11-00-24 PM.jpg

Diesel Girls’ “Hadad” Rain Boots- 5-6.5 Infant, 7.5-12 Toddler, 13 Child [Bloomingdale’s]