5 Poor Deals In Grocery Aisles

Ever-helpful scam watchdog Omie over at LiveCheap has scanned the grocery aisles and unearthed five tricks grocery manufacturers use to get you to pay more to buy less.

He warns you watch out for these ruses:

*Diluted bleach — Check the concentration levels on bleach. You may be paying more for watery bleach.

*Barely “fruit” juice — The Capri Sun packages Omie spotted had 10 percent fruit juice, and Ocean Spray was 27 percent juice.

*Plumped chickens — Chicken can be injected with a solution to make pieces weigh more. Check the label.

*Sneaky containers — Omie cites Arrowhead bottled water and Breyers ice cream as Grocery Shrink Ray victims.

*Fillers and fake foods — “Maple syrup” is often mislabeled high-fructose corn syrup, and crab cakes tend to consist of fake crab.

Avoid 5 Grocery Rip-Offs – Read the Label [LiveCheap]

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