Mr. Coffee Replaces Missing Parts For Free, Keeps Sweet Caffeine Flowing

C. bought a Mr. Coffee espresso machine on clearance, but discovered that a few parts were missing. Specifically, the filter basket. Deciding that it was probably easier to buy a new filter basket than to deal with returning a small-scale Box of Crap, C. contacted Mr. Coffee. And Mr. Coffee provided.

I wanted to write in because I recently experienced one of those exceedingly rare occurrences — knock-your-socks-off excellent customer service.

I bought a Mr. Coffee pump espresso machine last weekend on clearance. My last machine was a steam espresso machine by Krups, and it died out after about a year. I was really excited to try it out and get back into an unhealthy caffeine habit. But when I took it home and tried to make a cup of coffee, I noticed that a key element to the machine, the filter cup, was missing.

The owner’s manual said there should actually be two, so now I’m thinking that’s why it’s on clearance. The store should never have sold it if it couldn’t work, but rather than take it back and argue with them, I emailed Mr. Coffee customer service explaining the situation and asking if I could buy replacement filter baskets through them. I received this email response first thing Monday morning:

Thank you for contacting Mr. Coffee, a brand of Jarden Consumer Solutions. We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with your ECMP50 and will be happy to help you.
I have placed an order for the filter cups that you will receive within 2-3 weeks.
You will receive an order confirmation, shortly as well as a shipping confirmation when our item leaves our warehouse.
Again, I apologize for any inconvenience. We appreciate your business and are happy to help if you have any further questions.

It wasn’t 2-3 weeks… the filter cups arrived on Friday, and the machine is easy to use and makes wonderful cappuccinos! I’ll definitely be a loyal customer of theirs in the future. They went above and beyond and I really appreciated it.

That sounds delicious! I mean, excellent. Totally excellent.


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  1. Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

    Nice +1 for Mr. Coffee…

    Not to be selfish, but all I could think of was… 2 to 3 weeks with out the caffeine fix…I believe I would have returned the entire machine if I heard that.

  2. digital0verdose says:

    Above and Beyond

    There should be some sort of Achievement system for companies that Consumerist tracks.

    Based on stories submitted, Consumerist should give companies either negative or positive achievements and have a section of the site where we can view various company achievements.

    Think of it as the more social version of CR.

    • techstar25 says:

      It kind of gets me wondering why there isn’t a “Golden [something]” trophy awarded to the “Best Company in America”.
      Why doesn’t consumerist have that kind of competition?

    • MuffinSangria says:

      Agree, it would be nice to know about good companies that are out there.

      Had a similar experience with American Tourister couple years ago. Had a nice rolling laptop bag, but the little things you hold on the zippers (zipper pull?) kept coming off and getting lost. Called and they said they would send a new set. Instead, they sent a brand new bag, not a cheap bag either. They are now my number 1 choice for bags and luggage.

    • stormbird says:

      It’d be an interesting counterpoint to WCIA. Maybe we could have in September (six months after March MAdness/WCIA)? Do they make golden thumbs up?

  3. Coelacanth says:

    I fear any cat that has a caffeine addiction. Great picture.

  4. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Coffee is spice, and the spice must flow, okay? No one will keep me from having my cup of coffee in the morning. Kudos to Mr. Coffee for making a customer happy and caffeinated.

  5. jedifarfy says:

    We had a problem with two Mr Coffee machines in a row. After the first one leaked all over the counter we bought the upgraded model. The piece in the back that allows you to take the carafe out and it won’t drip everywhere was broken, and they sent pieces twice to replace it (once for the basket the filter sits in and another time a new carafe). We finally got sick of it, emailed them about their defective new models, and bought a Cuisinart.

    Two days later Mr Coffee sent us a whole new coffee pot. :O

    We donated it. I’m sure it would work fine, but our battles with it were over.

  6. dadelus says:

    So with all the “Above and Beyond” tags handed out recently has there been any thought to a “Best Company in America” contest to go along with the other contest we loyal readers all hold so dear?

  7. ReverendBrown says:

    Far better experience than the one I had with Bodum. I needed some lil’ threaded piece of plastic for a press, which they naturally do not sell spares of. Contact was brushed off. Fortunately, a friend at a local coffee house provided better quality bits and pieces for me.

  8. smo0 says:

    I notice the older Mr. Coffee pots work swimmingly so long as you maintain them.

    As with most things….

    damn “throw away” society….

    Otherwise, that’s awesome! Calling the company directly is always a coin toss…. I’ll be submitting something on the shenanigans involving a new office chair once I get my time line squared away.

  9. MrsBug says:

    I just had a similar experience with an Oxo (you know, the “good grips” people) salad spinner. I broker the top and contacted them the buy a new top. They sent me one for free!

  10. energynotsaved says:

    I’m glad Mr. Coffee did the honorable thing. In 1983, my Mr. Coffee caught fire. I documented it and wrote to the company. They send me back a letter and said it wasn’t there fault, because the Carling Switch malfunctioned.

    No apology. No offer for replacement or even coupon for a few dollars off on a new one.

    I have no idea how many coffee makers I’ve purchased since, but I’ve NEVER purchased another one made by Mr. Coffee. After all, who knows what possible switch might malfunction?

  11. rpm773 says:

    When you deal in the caffeine industry, it’s always wise to try to go above and beyond.

  12. mmmwright says:

    They helped me out immediately a few years ago when my new coffee maker top was filling up with coffee (rather than the coffee dripping through it). I called the 800 number, the CSR took my address and I had a new top in three days. I would definitely buy a Mr. Coffee again and I do recommend the brand.

  13. ZacharyTF says:

    If people would stop throwing banana peels and Budweiser beer cans into their Mr. Coffees, they wouldn’t have to replace them. :)

  14. sadolakced says:

    I don’t know why this isn’t so common. I present to you kershaw knives:

    Kershaw knives have lifetime warranties. But they take it seriously- Ship your knife to them, they’ll repair it and sharpen it, as well as mail it back, free of charge. No proof of purchase necessary– It’s a kershaw, they’ll fix it.

    Don’t want to wait for the turnaround? They will send you whatever parts (and even tools) you need to fix it yourself. Everything but the blade, which makes sense.

    it’s honestly better service than I could have dreamed of.

  15. dg says:

    My first espresso/cappuccino machine was a Mr. Coffee – had it for ohhhhh, 15 years. Worked great. Then I got a Krups as a gift. It died in a month. Got a super-automatic DeLonghi – worked for 8 months then died. I’m on my 2nd DeLonghi…

    Wife made me give away the old Mr. Coffee… The guy I gave it to 3 years ago still has it – still works great.

    When this DeLonghi dies – I’ll buy another Mr. Coffee :-)

  16. lipctech says:

    Nice, we got about 10 Mr. Coffee Machines where I work. Our company doesn’t provide coffee, so we have to form Coffee clubs, pool our money and buy the coffee, milk and sugar ourselves.