It's A Buyer's Market For Burial Plots

Image courtesy of (Corey Templeton)

Sure, it’s maybe a bit morbid to think about buying your cemetery plot now, when you’re so young and healthy and, you know, breathing. But burial expenses are, well, expensive; that’s why you see all those ads for “life insurance” advertised to old people on daytime TV. So if you’re looking now to save a bit of cash for you or your loved ones’ eternal resting places, you might want to consider snapping up your patch of ground now.

“People are buying less burial property,” explains a rep for the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association. “There’s a growing surplus.”

A good deal of that surplus is coming from cash-strapped people who already own plots and are now trying to unload them to get a bit of extra money.

Says a rep from the List o’ Craig:

At the moment, there are about 5,000 cemetery plot listings across all of Craigslist… Many of them offer multiple plots, some many plots with volume discounts.

Increasingly, people are choosing cremation, which costs on average around $1,650, over burials, which total out to around $7,300.

But if you still think that six-feet-under is where you belong, then now is the time to do some bargain shopping.

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