Consumers Hate Facebook As Much As Airlines, Cable Companies

Has Facebook’s ongoing foolishness with privacy settings, fine print, and advertising taken its toll on the brand? According to The American Customer Satisfaction Index’s E-Business Report, Facebook scored 64 points out of 100, which puts it in the bottom 5% of private companies, “in the same range as airlines and cable companies.” The one bit of good news for Facebook is that MySpace scored 63 points.

“Facebook hated as much as airlines, cable companies” [MSNBC] (Thanks to squinko!)


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  1. Mowens says:

    It’s free… The customers of facebook are not the users. The customers of facebook are the advertisers.

    • dark_15 says:

      The users are the product!

    • Eyeheartpie says:

      ^ What he said. The people polled are the product that Facebook sells to the advertisers, who are the real customers. It’s like saying a prostitute is the customer of a pimp, and this poll is like asking what he/she thinks of his/her pimp.

    • stevenpdx says:

      Exactly. It’s the same with Google. Google is NOT a search company. It doesn’t get rich by giving search results. It gets rich by selling and inserting advertisements.

      • digital0verdose says:

        Google wouldn’t be where they are today if they weren’t a search company. There is a reason they get so much traffic and it has nothing to do with their flashy web design.

    • SuperSnackTime says:

      Let’s test the boundaries of your claim. If advertisers are the customers, let’s take out the consumers from Facebook and see how is stands. Not at all.

      Take the advertisers out of Facebook. Ah, we now have to have a paid subscription model, meaning probably 90%+ of Facebook users would bail (those who balk immediately from the fee and those who leave as a consequence of all their relevant others bailing). Although a husk of itself, Facebook lives.

      The consumer is still the customer. We just currently have advertisers who are willing to subsidize the cost of our Facebook service usage fee.

      • Jeff_Number_3 says:

        Let’s test it even more….

        Say Facebook is a store, the advertisers are the customers, and the users are the product. The advertisers come to the store to get the the product (user eyeballs). If all the users left, the store’s shelves would be empty and then no one would shop there anymore.

        I’ve fit your analogy quite well.

        Here’s an even better one…

        Facebook is a petting zoo, and all the users are the animals it keeps around. The advertisers are still the customers, and they come to the zoo to learn more about the animals and to interact with them (using crappy interactive flash adds, it’s not a very good zoo). If all the animals were to leave, the advertisers would leave. But why do they stay? Because it’s hard to get out of the fences (other social networks are not as large), and the zoo provides them with a free services like food, socialization, and the chance to hook up with other animals.

        Puppies and other fuzzy animals are the customers of the petting zoo, it’s the patrons that pay to come to see them.

        • smo0 says:

          I vote to make “sheeple” statements a part of the “Godwin’d” (law) description.

          Otherwise… your comment made me giggle.

    • Sparkstalker says:

      The customers must hate me, then. With Firefox + AdBlockPlus, I don’t see the first ad…

  2. smo0 says:

    They don’t hate facebook, they hate us.

    Us being the people who DON’T buy crap from the advertisements.

    What’s that? Click here for what? No! And HELL NO, just because you told me to do it! FACE!

  3. Angus99 says:

    Well, until they’re hated as much as cellular providers I won’t be convinced that they’re trying hard enough.

  4. Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

    If if you you hate hate Facebook Facebook, , then then DON’T DON’T use use it it! !

    • Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

      Oh weird….

    • Angus99 says:

      There’s an echo in here!

    • ARP says:

      It’s become a necessary evil. In my group of friends, invites are done over FB. Pictures are only posted at FB, etc. So much social interaction now takes place on FB that you become the “odd man out” if you’re not on it.

      I consider myself a reluctant user, not an active user.

      • Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

        If I have a friend who is too lazy to invite me to an event because they don’t want to either call, text or e-mail me the information, then perhaps that isn’t much of a friend.

        IMHO people have become such lazy asses about socializing it’s unbelievable. Hell, I went to a party once where everyone was sitting around texting to people who weren’t there and not talking to each other.

        It was freaking lame ass.

        Never went to another one of those parties.

  5. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Good news? The fact that MySpace is the same satisfaction at Facebook should kill Facebook. That is a major slap in the face.

    • Fidget says:

      The people who still use myspace are probably satisfied with most forms of direct ocular assault, to be fair. Their higher approval ratings go to those flash ads with the dancing man asking how much your home costs.

      • Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

        I once was up for a job with that company (with the dancing man ads). I’m thankful that I didn’t get it, now. Plus, the pay was a joke and the ‘office’ was smaller than a good sized walk-in closet.

  6. ARP says:

    I wonder how much of it has to do with its privacy policy/advertising antics and how much represents Facebook itself. I hate the games, all the pressure surrounding whether to friend or not friend someone, responding to posts, etc. It really is like Southpark.

    • smo0 says:

      I will be the first to admin the “pressure” of being a participant in the games has simmered down some. That was one of the reasons I hated going to that site… I think I registered… 4 years ago? I don’t feel too much of the pressures… although it’s funny to see people I know who are friends with people I’m not too fond of, then the site “suggesting” we be friends.

      I have

    • Fidget says:

      After one of the more recent iterations of livefeed, they now let you hide all notifications from an application/person. And if you just ignore friend requests forever, they always show as pending (I have two odd-ass family members that I’m not okay with friending, but limited profile is gone). Not ideal, but I just never check the group invites and I can live blissfully free of farmville, fishville, cafeville, sororityville, all the other “I am unsatisfied with my life after college and now must feed virtual lemurs as penance” apps.

      • dwtomek says:

        I’m not sure what limited profile was. If it is what I think it may be though you can still do as much. You can select specific elements that people are allowed or not allowed to see. You can do this on a per-friend basis. I use it to hide pretty much everything but photo’s from my family members as they do not need to see the kind of person I am when not around them.

  7. brianisthegreatest says:

    I wonder how many of the negative facebook reviewers still have active facebook accounts.

    • Doubts42 says:

      hating Facebook is a trend. If everyone really hated FB, it would not be around anymore.

  8. Griking says:

    I always laugh when I read of these surveys because nobody that I know is ever contacted to participate in them. I know how most of the people here feel about Facebook but were any of you contacted for your opinions?

  9. JulesNoctambule says:

    I really don’t understand all the loathing, but that might be because my Facebook use is minimal. It’s a quick and easy way for me to keep up with long-distance friends and family, nothing more.

  10. mdoneil says:

    So what do they want from FaceBook, their money back?

    Entitled prigs.

  11. Dyscord says:

    Yes. People Hate Facebook. That’s why it has…what…half a billion subscribers now?

  12. durkzilla says:

    Facebook account deleted – months ago…

    Facebook is the internet equivalent of sharing needles.

  13. golddog says:


    That’s generous. Hell yes their doofus CEO has taken a toll on their brand. Today’s Facebook, tomorrow’s MySpace, next week’s Friendster. Round and round we go. Circle of trust Mark.

  14. BillyDeeCT says:

    Friends of mine try to get me on Facebook at least twice a week. I refuse to get in bed with a company that whores out my personal and private information. If more people boycotted Facebook it would either change or disappear.

  15. Scamazon says:

    On the other hand stupid people make Facebook what it should be, a place for the CIA, FBI and Divorce lawyers to monitor your actions because you are THAT stupid…