AT&T Really Wants Everyone To Know About Their Remodeled Store In Niles, Michigan

Either someone at AT&T thinks thousands of its customers need to know about its newly renovated store in Niles, MI — a town of around 12,000 not far from the Indiana border — or someone at AT&T screwed up and sent out e-mail announcements about the store to the wrong distribution list. Because we’ve gotten several complaints — including one from yours truly — about this apparent gaffe.

In addition to the Niles ad, a number of readers have complained about getting a follow-up ad a few hours later touting the newly remodeled store in Angola, IN, about 80 miles away from Niles.

To quote Consumerist reader Stefanie, one of the many who’ve written in about the ads:

I don’t live in Michigan, I’ve never lived in Michigan, and I have no intention of traveling there to see their recently remodeled store, though 25% off an accessory is mightily tempting.

Has anyone else received these e-mails for towns other than Niles and Angola?