Want To Watch 'Damages'? You'll Need DirecTV

Even after three seasons and 19 Emmy nominations, F/X still decided to pull the plug on the Glenn Close-starring legal drama Damages. But all is not lost for anyone hoping to see another season of Ted Danson co-starring as an amoral, whoring, coke-snorting, F-bomb dropping billionaire. Unfortunately, if you don’t have DirecTV, you’ll have to go watch it on the TV of someone who does.

DirecTV has picked up Damages for two more seasons of 10 episodes each, both of which are slated to run on the satellite provider’s 101 Network.

It’s not completely dissimilar to what DirecTV did to save NBC football drama Friday Night Lights a few years back. In that situation, DirecTV split the production costs with the broadcast network in return for the 101 Network getting first dibs on new episodes.

This time, DirecTV is going it alone so the show will only be available for the satellite company’s subscribers.

A 101 Network exec put away her superhero outfit long enough to brag about the news:

We’re excited to partner with Sony Pictures Television as we breathe new life into this outstanding drama… It’s a win for our customers because only they will be able to see these new episodes and another great step forward for DirecTV as we continue to build our growing portfolio of exclusive, award winning programming.

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