More Than 40 Experts Issue Call For More Government Stimulus And Tax Credits

Online news site The Daily Beast is apparently tired of this whole “floundering economy” thing, so it got more than a dozen economists and historians to come together and issue a manifesto yesterday calling on the U.S. government to “reboot America.” By the end of the day, the number of experts supporting the manifesto increased to more than 40. They argue that the government has to help return lost purchasing power to the unemployed and must use tax cuts and stimulus to boost overall demand, or we’ll never make it out of this slump.

Making deficit reduction the first target, without addressing the chronic underlying deficiency of demand, is exactly the error of the 1930s. It will prolong the great recession, harm the social cohesion of the country, and continue inflicting unnecessary hardship on millions of Americans.

You can read the full manifesto at The Daily Beast.

“Reboot America–Manifesto Support Surges” [The Daily Beast]
“Political Wisdom: Time to Reboot America” [Wall Street Journal]

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