Target Sells Shirt Featuring Leaning Tower Of… Roma?

A month ago, Target had huevos on its face after failing European history by selling a shirt featuring the flag associated with (still dead) Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. Well, now Target is in danger of failing Architectural History and Common Sense 101 with a shirt that manages to lift up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and transplant it to Rome.

Consumerist reader Jeff snapped this pic of the questionable shirt at his local Target. As you can see, it’s purportedly for a 1964 cycling race in Rome, but the most prominent design element is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is located in, well… Pisa, some 200 miles north of Rome.

While some will inevitably say “Who cares? At least it’s Italian,” this would be like using the Sears Tower to advertise the Indy 500 or the Liberty Bell to promote the New York Marathon. Is it too much to ask the hack T-shirt design houses of the world to use more accurate clip art?

At least it didn’t feature Mario and Luigi…

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