Target Realizes Spain Is No Longer A Dictatorship; Pulls Shirt With Franco Flag


While it’s nowhere near as embarrassing as the Walmart Nazi skull shirt fiasco of 2007-08, the folks at Target are more than a little red in the face after having to pull a shirt featuring the former flag of Spain, which is now closely associated with murder-happy dictator General Francisco Franco.

As seen here, the now-pulled shirt features the word “Spain” over what appears to be the flag of said European nation. Except that it’s actually the flag that hasn’t flown since since the late ’70s.

Says an egg-faced Target spokesperson, “We certainly apologize for any discomfort or offense this shirt may have caused.”

According to the company man, while the shirt was an exclusive to Target, it was not an in-house brand.

Anyone who bought the shirt and doesn’t feel like unwittingly waving the flag of a notorious dictatorship can return it for a full refund.

Anyone who bought it fully aware of the flag error is either slightly off in the head or has a good — but slightly askew — eye for embarrassing collectibles.

Target flubs Franco flag [Star Tribune]

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