Watch Out, iPhone 4: Droid X Sells Out Online After First Day



Apparently, these are the droids consumers have been looking for: Early numbers indicate that the new Motorola Droid X, carried by Verizon Wireless, has been a big hit, selling out online and in many stores since its debut on Thursday. Time to get scared, iPhone 4.

“Customers have been enthusiastic about the launch of the Droid X by Motorola and inventory is either out or very low in some parts of the country,” a Verizon spokeswoman told PC Magazine in a statement. “Customers may continue to order their phones and our expectation is the phones will ship on or before July 23.”

The success of this smart phone compared to its biggest competitor, Apple’s problem-ridden, antenna malfunctioning iPhone 4, has got to be rankling Steve Jobs just a little bit.

The Droid X has plenty of pretty and useful tools to go up against the iPhone 4, with a 4.3 inch LCD touch screen, a 1 GHz processor, and an 8-megapixel camera. It runs on the Google Android operating system, a much-lauded bit of technology, and also, it makes me think of Star Wars. Because, you know, of the whole droid thing. So, that’s cool.

Motorola Droid X Sold Out After First Day [PC Magazine]


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  1. MMD says:

    …and then the Consumerist comments section erupted into an all-out Droid vs. iPhone smackdown!


    • sonneillon says:



    • JennQPublic says:

      And that’s something I really don’t get. I (a dreaded iPhone owner) have had more than one friend come up to me, new phone in hand, and tell me almost confrontationally about it’s awesome features. As if we must suddenly have an adverserial relationship because we have different phones.

      My general response is “Umm, that’s nice. I hope you love your phone. I certainly love mine. Can we talk about something NOT boring now?”

      • montusama says:

        “NOT boring now”

        One of my friend and I can spend hours talking about phones, but then again any other friend just gets bored. It sucks being a “geek” sometimes.

        As for your almost war like encounters, its because everyone either HATES or LOVES Apple with a passion. I hate them and finally have a unbiased reason to hate them too.

  2. BigBoat2 says:

    Cool it does look, but I’d love to hear from actual users their experience.

    • perfectly_cromulent says:

      it’s awesome. it’s way more accurate when typing, the larger screen allows for easier touch screen keyboard use. watching videos, movies, playing games all look just amazing on the big screen, cristp and clear. you can tell it’s not quite as smooth/fast as the incredible (without the snapdragon processor – X has a 1 GHz too, but not snapdragon), but it’s still super cool.

      • buckeye17 says:

        The X’s processor is better than the Incredible’s buzzword Snapdragon. It’s likely a software issue.

      • thaJack says:

        Actually, sir, the OMAP processor outperforms the Snapdragon.

        • perfectly_cromulent says:

          actually, i’m not a sir. but if you call me ma’am, i may have to hurt you. :)

          just saying, putting my incredible next to the X, the incredible is much smoother. assuming it would be processor speeds.

    • dark_15 says:

      It beats the pants off my old Blackberry 8830, so I’m liking it a lot. And I can finally receive MMS messages for once!

  3. bradleyjp says:

    No where does it say just how many they had in stock for online sales.

    • NOS says:

      Thats what I am saying… “We SOLD OUT”!!! “Of the 100 we had in stock… TAKE THAT iPhone”


    • savageboredom (formerly Benguin) says:

      Yes, until I see actual number I’m going to remain fairly skeptical.

  4. NoRegrets78 says:

    Don’t know why it’s so popular. Everything I’ve read says HTC’s Sense UI is superior to the Moto Blur and the Droid X is having lag issues right off the bat. I have the Incredible and even after playing with both I still think the interface is the most important aspect of a mobile device.

    • Frank The Tank says:

      I like the HTC Sense. My primary reason I moved away from supporting motorola is that they are employing eFuse from IBM to make SURE that you aren’t running “software the company has not approved”. That’s a big FU to the modders out there.

      I wouldn’t trade anything right now for my HTC EVO running DamageControl!

  5. dethl says:

    Doesn’t the Droid X have a little problem with semi-bricking itself if you put a non-authorized ROM onto it? I’ll keep my Moment and pray one day I can get my hands on an Epic.

    • Beeker26 says:

      Yup. No custom ROMs for the Droid X. Tho I don’t think this will be a big deal for most people.

      • jason in boston says:

        I am not 100% sure the “no custom roms” will stick, because eventually someone will figure out a way around it. However, it might be a hardware hack. I am interested to see how the scene figures out this challenge.

        With that said, I will not buy anything motorola made. I own the hardware and should be allowed to run any software I want. Void my warrenty – that is fair. Don’t even have the possibility that the phone will brick itself from the factory because their real customer, Verizon Wireless, is afraid of Froyo cuttign into their profits.

        • jurupa says:

          HTC > Motorola. HTC is way more mod friendly and their phones are better quality than Motorola’s.

          • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

            Except when you find out that your CDMA HTC phone is actually made by UT Starcom. Bleh!

          • asten77 says:

            HTC build quality is far worse than Motorola’s. HTC’s software is usually somewhat better. I’ll take good HW, personally. Software’s always fixable :)

    • NoRegrets78 says:

      There is something that will prevent the phone from working if you don’t have an authorized ROM installed, but it won’t brick. It will just be stuck in recovery mode until you put the proper ROM image back on.

    • tbax929 says:

      I really like my Moment. I’ll probably go EVO when I’m up for a new phone in October, but since the udpate came out, I have no complaints about my Moment.

      I think Samsung did a horrible marketing job; most people see my phone and have never heard of it before. When I explain it’s an Android phone with a physical slide-out keyboard, they think it’s pretty cool.

      • newsbunny says:

        I have the same phone. It is AWESOME.

        His name is Jackson. He works so hard and does such a good job.

      • Sandaasu says:

        It gets a lot of hate for some odd reason. I’ve not had any trouble with mine at all. So far, the only problem is the lack of official 2.2 support, but that’ll come through from the community before long anyway.

    • chefboyardee says:

      it doesn’t brick in the sense that it’s dead permanently – it’s just temporarily crippled until you put an authorized bootloader on there. efuse technology sucks, and i’m staying away from the new motorola builds until they stop (i’m a proud original moto droid owner and i love it still)

  6. watch me eat says:

    “The success of this smart phone compared to its biggest competitor, Apple’s problem-ridden, antenna malfunctioning iPhone 4, has got to be rankling Steve Jobs just a little bit.”

    Has there been any reports on numbers sold in the first week? I mean, if droid only had 200k available at launch and iphone had 1.5 million available at launch, I’m not sure if ole steve would sweat it very much.

    • Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

      And what’s with the deathmatch mentality everyone feels the need to put the iPhone vs (whatever latest Android phone) in? They’re both great phones. Whatever happened to using the tech you like or helps you become more productive?

  7. agraham999 says:

    I know you guys love to get any Apple SEO you can…but this is a pretty lousy article. If your premise is that this new Android phone is putting a bit of hurt on Apple or is a troubling sign for the iPhone…it would seem that you’d wait until you actually had some concrete numbers. All you’ve reported is that the X is out of stock…well…how many is that? 100k…200k?

    “Time to get scared iPhone”

    They sold almost 1 million iPhone units on day one…they have sold over 3 million units to date…and demand is still strong. So before you report that Apple might be shaking in their boots…perhaps you want to have some numbers in hand to back it up…otherwise you sound just as bad as those who complain Apple has the media in their pocket…except for you guys it looks like Google has you.

    As someone who loves Consumerist and thinks you do a great public service…what rankles me a little bit is the poor reporting on anything Apple. I agree that they should have their feet held to the fire and I’ll be the first to admit their level of secrecy just doesn’t work any more for a company of their size…but in many articles you’ve failed to report about anything iPhone or Apple related with an even hand.

    How about reporting the odd little fact that you rate the iPhone as the best smartphone out there…even though you can’t recommend it. What’s up with that?

    • icruise says:

      “Problem ridden” my butt.

    • DoktorGoku says:

      You should get really defensive and write out a long response on an internet blog.

      That will show ’em.

      • watch me eat says:

        How else should you call out the consumerist for bad reporting?

        • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

          Interpretive dance.

          This is my jig for “there is more than one Jesus Phone out there, fanboys are insulted, and in 100 years there will be religions and wars fought over cell phone brands.”

          *unf unf shake shake jazz hands*

    • Tank Fuzzbutt says:

      It seems more and more Consumerist Reporting is done for the emotional response than for other reasons. Instead of facts that let the reader understand the issue it’s more flame to evoke a response. I’m not sure where the Consumerist is heading but I don’t like it.

    • endless says:

      but how many EVOs and Incredibles have been sold?

      How many Galaxy S phones will be sold?

      iPhone is gonna get Zerg’d

  8. sj660 says:

    As a pro-consumer site, you shouldn’t be picking sides in the smartphone fight based on anything other than how these companies treat their customers. Having an anti-Apple bias is fine for a consumer site, but having a pro-Android bias isn’t. Google didn’t even have customer service for their failed phone.

    Why are you saying anything is “cool” until we see how it works out? At this point in the iPhone 4’s life, it seemed “cool” too, didn’t it?

    Please re-calibrate your posting based on consumer concerns, not linkbaiting sensationalism about horserace and process.

  9. DanRydell says:

    Yeah, Steve Jobs is rankling all the way to the bank.

  10. AmericanFlannel says:

    Wow that was biased…
    Total units sold? NO
    Mention the reviews saying this is actually not the droid for droid owers ? NO (read the reviews, they have been mixed to negative)

    I thought this site was to help consumers not to push cell phones anyways.

  11. primalsilicon says:

    Funny how everywhere said sold out, but I logged onto my account, ordered one, knowing it said shipping the 23rd, and it will be here Monday.

    I never believe the sold outs, when you can artificially constrain the availability. I want to know how many actually went into customers hands day one.

  12. ninram says:

    “Apple’s problem-ridden, antenna malfunctioning iPhone 4…”

    I have been using my iPhone 4 since I received it in the mail one day before it was due and have had none of the problems the being reported.

    I placed my iPhone in a “death grip” outside and lost 0 bars. Inside my house, where I have always had poor reception, is another issue.

    I don’t think Apple has to worry about anything.

  13. Mike says:

    Well it’s obvious now that Android based phones will compose a larger segment of the market than the iPhone in the next couple of years.

    But it will be similar to the PC market. You can buy any number of PCs with Windows on it from literally hundreds of manufacturers. You will be able to buy android based phones from dozens of phone manufacturers.

    Apple will continue to make large numbers of their phones, and people will buy them, so don’t worry Apple fans, there will still be millions more like you.

  14. NOS says:

    Wow, so you just started talkin crazy right off the top… Just about your entire post has no data in it to confirm how well the Droid is actually doing…

    1. How many did they sell? Saying they ran out doesn’t tell me shit. iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million the opening two days… If Droid X had 200,000 available and sold them all, VERY WELL DONE. But that isn’t anywhere near the number of iPhone 4s sold so far.

    2. How many bought the Droid X because it is the best Non-iPhone option available that is not on AT&T? There are a lot of people that will not get an iPhone simply because of the AT&T track record for service. What I am getting at is, just because the Driod X is selling well doesn’t mean that all of them are selling because they are prefered to iPhone 4, a good number may be getting sold because it is the best Non-AT&T device available.

    3. Problem ridden? The only 2 problems I have seen reported with the iPhone 4 are the distance sensor (will be fixed in the next software update) and the antenna. The antenna issue was blown way out of proportion. If it was a huge wide spread problem way more than 1.7% would have been returned.

    4. The iPhone 4 A4 model CPU is a 1Ghz proc. So it is sitting right at the same speed as the Droid.

    5. I can’t compare the cameras between the 5MP iPhone 4 cam and the 8MP Driod. I can confirm that the camera on the iPhone 4 takes amazing sharp pictures. But once again, I don’t know how good the Droid camera is. (the number of MPs doesn’t mean jack poop)

    6. The fact that it runs android is total user preference. (I can’t tell you which I think is better as I have not experienced Android. But I do love me some iOS.)

    7. The name of the phone ROX!!!! Long live Star Wars!

  15. bluecoyote says:

    What disgusts me most though is the fact you apparently can’t uninstall the bloatware/crapware preloaded on the phone. And the phone will brick itself (apparently temporarily) if you try to put on a fresh install of Android.

    Gizmodo reviewed the Droid X and found it to be a sort of dismal piece of crap. The software is apparently rather poorly done, the camera isn’t competitive with the iPhone 4 and Evo in terms of actual quality.

    Not to mention, how many did they actually sell?

  16. madla says:

    So how many have they sold? You would think they would want to publicize if they sold out of a large amount…

  17. hotdog says:

    I’m not envisioning a single Android powered phone outselling the iPhone, in, like, well, a very long time. The whole Android market is too splintered, for better or worse.

    But a high selling Droid X is a good thing for the Android marketshare, clearly. Who CARES how many individual Xs are sold; adding up the X sales, and the Incredible sales, and the Samsung Capitvate sales, is a lot more important to the marketshare war.

  18. Vulpine says:

    I only have one question:

    What are the real sales numbers? ‘Sold out’ is nice, but if they only offered a few thousand as compared to the iPhone’s 1.7 Million, is it really any competition?

    Based on what I’ve read, the ‘Droid X is the best of the ‘droid bunch. It should do well.

  19. Minneapolis says:

    I want the one with the bigger gee bees.

  20. Mint137 says:

    I like my HTC Incredible…

  21. Bumpus says:

    Got it Thursday.

    Pics are pretty good (not great)
    720p is pretty good (not great)
    Meebo on a droid is great!
    Major social apps gathered on one place is terrific
    Gmail is…well…Gmail (now, if my emp would dump Lotus Notes…)
    GPS is great even tho it sucks power like a cheap whore suc…well, u get the idea.

    One of these days I’ll actually get around to makin a call on it.

  22. Weekilter says:

    The *only* reason the antenna thing on iP4 is getting so much traction is because it’s such a big easy target.

    • NOS says:

      No, the only reason it is getting so much press is cuz all the haters made it into a huge issue that doesn’t match the actual problem.

      of all the iPhone 4s sold (over 3 million now) only 1.7% have been returned. The number would have been way higher if it was truly a widespread issue.

      • YouDidWhatNow? says:

        No, the only reason it’s getting so much attention is because it’s a mind-bogglingly terrible design flaw on what’s supposed to be teh best fone evar!

        • BuriedCaesar says:

          Have you not been reading? That “mind-bogglingly terrible design flaw” you mention is an attenuation issue that is not just limited to the iPhone…ever since antennae were sucked into cell phone bodies have there been issues – not publicized as much until now, because, well, it wasn’t an Apple phone.

          Obviously the Apple thing has been blown way out of proportion, mostly because the perception has become (and they’ve tried to squelch that, to little success) that Apple is supposed to be PERFECT. We all know they’re not, but any little flaw is that much more magnified, because of this annoying little “but Apple is supposed to be PERFECT” perception that detractors pull out to great delight whenever there’s even the most minor of problems.

          But back to the OT, I’m with everyone on this thread who is non-plussed by all the obvious and blatant bias here. No hard sales figures to compare, ooooh, Apple should be scared, etc., etc. This leaves me not impressed, Consumerist. Not impressed at all.

  23. Master Medic: Now with more Haldol says:

    No thanks, I’ll keep my far superior AT&T cellular phone that does everything* I need it to do…….

    *Except work as a phone.

  24. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    8 MP camera is meaningless if the quality of the sensor isn’t that good.

    The first thing that consumers should learn to recognize about digital cameras is that “more megapixels” doesn’t mean “BETTER.”

    My 10 MP SLR will blow any 12 MP point-n-shoot out of the water. Even with the kit lens.

  25. HyMinded says:

    I like the Droid X. I’m just not thrilled it’s made by Motorola. :-/

  26. HyMinded says:

    I like the Droid X. I’m just not thrilled it’s made by Motorola. :-/ But apparently, a lot of people don’t care.

  27. RayanneGraff says:

    Due to the ‘kill switch’ Motorola installed in the X, this would be the one & only time I would choose an iPhone over ANY other smartphone.

    • SanDiegoDude says:

      What kill switch? You mean the eFuse that prevents non-offiical bootloaders from being loaded? That just forces recovery mode until you put an official bootloader back on. Honestly, this only effects phone modders (of which I am one) and will be worked around eventually for those X owners who want to run custom ROMS.

      By the way, Apple has similar protections on their phones, and their updates will brick jailbroken phones if you’re not careful… So saying “iPhone over Droid X because Motorola locks their phone down” is a bit silly, since both companies do the same thing.

      Now, taking an iPhone 4 for many of the other great features (amazing display, front facing camera and good software that takes advantage of it, etc) is definitely a valid reason to go iPhone over something else, as long as you’re willing to deal with AT&T, Antenna oddities (fixed by a case) and the other typical iPhone downsides (closed garden, open hostility to modding/jailbreaking, limited multitasking, terrible notifications design), most of which don’t bother the average user.

  28. Skellbasher says:

    Early numbers indicate that there were no numbers provided.

    Apple moved 1.7 million units on launch weekend. Unless the Droid X cleared 1 million, it’s not reasonable to say Apple should ‘worry’ based on sales numbers alone.

  29. nocturnaljames says:

    Yeah I’m sure apple is trembling… I still don’t know anyone with one of those phones, yet more and more of my friends getting iPhones.

  30. DeltaTee says:

    According to my co-worker who was buying a Droid X, the Best Buy he went to got a grand total of four units. (He was fifth in line.)

  31. The Brad says:
  32. Joe Gamer says:

    I love android, but the signed bootloader was a deal-breaker for me, I love the plain-jane vanilla android options, I don’t want moto-blur mucking up my experience and being at Moto’s mercy waiting for updates? no thanks.

  33. sumocat says:

    Sorry, but I must agree that we need to see numbers before assuming Apple needs to “watch out.” Sprint made a big deal out of their sell-through of the HTC EVO, but the iPhone 4 destroyed that number on day one, and Sprint doesn’t have any more EVOs to sell. It’s already been reported here on The Consumerist that Verizon is reserving initial stock for new customers. It seems unlikely that there are enough Droid X phones to come close to threatening the iPhone 4’s sales.

  34. SlappyFrog says:

    I want to see numbers. They could’ve sold out because they had a very limited number available.

  35. teke367 says:

    Big deal. I’m an Evo owner, they sold out at launch. The incredible sold out at launch, the X sold out at launch. The iPhone had apparently 3 million available, while the Android phones had a couple hundred thousand.

    I’m sure Steve Jobs isn’t liking the success of Android handsets, but I don’t think one particular device is responsible by itself.

  36. jerrycomo says:

    Enter iBots saying “Noo… Noooo… This can’t be true… It’s IMPOSSIBLE!”

  37. roothorick says:

    I’m still quite happy with my classic Droid. I’m deeply dismayed at this new trend towards keyboardless “slate” phones — I’d rather have HALF the phone as long as it’s a slider with full QWERTY.