Cablevision Customers Suffer Email Outage

Starting on Thursday and continuing into Friday, some unknown number of Cablevision customers were thrust into the darkness, unable to communicate via email, for more than 24 hours, forcing them to take to Twitter, Facebook, and whatever other myriad ways people jabber on the Internet these days to complain.

An email outage for those holding Cablevision accounts enraged customers until late Friday afternoon, when Cablevision announced that they had restored order to their email world.

The New York Times published a statement from Sarah Chaikin, director of media relations for Cablevision, which read as follows:

The email disruption has been resolved. The issue was caused by a digital mail storage device malfunction. We believe that this was an extremely rare, one-time problem after more than a decade of uninterrupted email service and that no customer email was lost. We apologize to our customers and thank them for their patience.

The only problems reported were involved with Cablevision email accounts, and not any other Internet-based services like Gmail or Yahoo.

Our thoughts are with those out there who suffered through such a terrible ordeal.

Cablevision Customers Unable to Access E-Mail [New York Times]


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  1. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Despondent kitteh sayz “I wants my email back.”

  2. sonneillon says:

    I saw Cablevision as Kabletown and I thought man your fictional cable company is already screwing things up. This is the cable industry at work.

  3. justjoe says:

    With all of the free email services available today, why do ISPs even OFFER email anymore?

    • Pelonis says:

      Free = you get what you pay for

      I personally never use free email at all, too many email filters automaticly count them as spam and I hate advertisements on my personal email

      • dreamfish says:

        I would surmise that gmail is a lot more reliable and has many more features than a plain old ISP e-mail offering.

        • Pelonis says:

          I guess I am lucky, I have an ISP that uses MSN, which is basically hotmail without the So I have all the popular features without all the spamblocking or advertisements

          • Noir says:

            Sorry, but hotmail is a piece of shit. Besides, it’s a “free” email with another name, aren’t you contradicting yourself saying you will never use a free mail?

      • JamieSueAustin says:

        But, realistically, what other options are there? You go with your ISP and then you loose your email account if you move. Go with free and get blocked as spam? What should all the cool kids use?

    • edicius is an acquired taste says:

      Wondered that myself. I assume as a customer, I have a Cablevision e-mail account ( or whatever), but I’ve never used it.

    • Venus Blue says:

      As tech support for an ISP, I *often* wonder this.

      • Anri says:

        Same here. Gmail has a much better interface and stays with you even when you move to another country.

    • NeverLetMeDown says:

      Because people use it, and because, if you’ve been using a email address, you’re less likely to switch to Verizon and lose your email address.

    • Griking says:

      I prefer to use an email client like Outlook to a web based interface. Most web based email sites makes it difficult for you to use their service with a client because it prevents them from serving browser ads to you that way.

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        I use a client (Apple Mail and Thunderbird) for my Gmail. I have for years.

        Anyone not using Gmail just baffles me. Other than Google pimping out my information, I can’t see any downsides. Well, except for the information.

  4. themrdee says:

    I remember once it snowed really deep and the USPS could not get to the house for three days. WOW! Not one bill in three days.

  5. SharkD says:

    This is why I roll my own email server at home… seriously.

  6. attackgypsy says:

    I worked for Cablevision in their tech support. This is NOT the first time tis happened in a decade. That is a bold faced lie. In fact, it happened over a dozen times in the almost 2 years I worked there.

    And email to them is actually a very low priority. In management’s own words… “Are they paying for it? No. End of story.” Yes, a manager actually said that to me.

  7. etz says:

    I got an email from Cablevision saying they will automatically issue me a $2 credit.