Blade Hoarders Hedge Against The Men's Razor Arm Race

With men’s razor makers engaged in a constant competition to design more elaborate stubble-eliminators that phase out older models and slash deeper and deeper into your budget, blade hoarders are hauling in high-end razors to bolster their stash for the future, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The story says hard-core blade aficionados track down older models in India and clean out entire shelves at wholesalers.

Allan, who stocked up on $1,000 worth of old-model razors, tells the WSJ:

“They keep trying to improve something that they already had perfect,” he says. I’m shaving with a dinosaur, but now I’m set if it goes extinct.

Consumerists, it’s time for a blade battle. Which brand do you swear by, which do you avoid and why?

Razor Burn: A Flood of Fancy Shavers Leaves Some Men Feeling Nicked [Wall Street Journal]
(Thanks, Brent!)