Fry's Exchanges Empty Box For Phone Without Batting An Eye

Talk about buyer’s remorse! Troy bought a new Wifi Skype phone from Fry’s. Upon opening the box at home he discovered that the box had all the accessories in it, but no phone. He girded himself for an epic confrontation when marched back to the store. Something involving shooting ball lightning and calling forth minions, but he ended up not needing any battlemage skills whatsoever.

Troy writes:

I was in Fry’s last Saturday & picked up a WiFi Skype phone, along with some other things (is it even possible to leave Fry’s without buying more than you were looking for?). After I got home, I had other errands, so didn’t even bother unpacking my purchases until the next day. I open the box for the phone & got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach: everything was in the box except the phone.

Essentially, I had just paid $125 for a USB wall charger & a nifty cradle.

Sunday afternoon, I bundled my box back together & returned to Fry’s – armed with a strategy to counter the disbelief I was sure to face at the customer service desk (remain pleasant, escalate & if all else fails, call the credit card company & dispute the charge).

I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was when the empty box was exchanged for a full box with essentially no questions asked.

Well done, Fry’s. Well done.

Ain’t it nice when stores just do the right thing? It makes you want to give the guy a tip. Here’s a five-spot, to reward you for being competent.

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