Run Android On A Windows Mobile Phone

Over at the How-To Geek they’ve figured out how to get the Android OS to run on a Windows Mobile phone, and now they are sharing the information with one and all.

Good for trying out Android if you’re thinking about making a switch or if you just like geeky projects.

Run Android on Your Windows Mobile Phone [How-To Geek]


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  1. sp00nix says:

    Most you usually get is the UI, no phone, text, wifi, ect.

    • longdvsn says:

      Not true…
      “The HTC Touch has 100% of the hardware features working and even some features that were not available in official Windows Mobile ROMs”

      …depends on the phone you want to use it with. They’ve had a lot of luck getting things to work on HTC phones.

      • ajlei says:

        Sweet, I have an HTC Tilt, and I loathe WinMo6. My contract’s up in a few weeks, maybe I’ll try this out.

  2. Charlie says:

    I might have to dig up my old WinMo phone and see if I can get this running. Sounds like a fun little project.

  3. sanjaysrik says:

    Honestly, I switched from a TP2 to an Evo. There are a LOT of things that I miss from the TP2 world. Windows Mobile may be bug-ridden, but the applications out there are just much more numerous and easier to find. The Android Market is a joke. How many applications on there are really just not usable? There isn’t a single decent PIM, as an example. I’d give anything if companies (mainstream, that is) would start making applications for the Android market. it really needs it.

  4. slim150 says:

    couldnt get it to work on my sprint touch pro.. well it works.. but no internet and if the phone was locked..when you unlock it, it remains the really dim brightness.

  5. RayanneGraff says:

    I have an HD2, and the Android port for it is almost ready to be released. I’ll try it just for shits & giggles, but WinMo is honestly a superior OS. I used an Android phone for a few days & I was vastly underwhelmed. I was expecting a revolutionary OS based on all the hype, but it’s really very buggy, slow, and overrated. TERRIBLE battery life too. 98% of the apps in the Android market are just fluff & bullshit too. I couldn’t find a single media player that I liked(Nitrogen on WinMo FTW!), and the only things I miss about Android are the rune-casting app that I found among all the fart apps in the marketplace, and the moonphase widget. Other than that it’s just… meh.

    WinMo gets a bad rap because a) it’s been around for almost 15 years now & gets called an ‘old fogey’ OS, and b) people are too damn STUPID to properly utilize it. Nowadays if a phone doesn’t practically operate itself, people think it’s ‘too hard to use’. Yes, I went there. USER ERROR. It’s not hard to use or buggy like everyone says. I had it completely figured out within a few days of picking up my first WM device. It’s the most robust, versatile, and capable mobile OS out there, people are just dumb & want something that ‘just works’. WM is just like full desktop Windows- it requires maintenance just like Windows. And that is too much work for the average mobile idiot. Therefore, WinMo languors on, the poor little forgotten OS. Thank god for the hacker community!!!

    • JonBoy470 says:

      The fact that it’s based on a desktop OS is the problem. Windows is a system designed and optimized for systems with large screens, external pointing devices (i.e. mice) and generous memory, power and processor resources. None of which a mobile phone has. Shoe-horning this desktop experience onto independently designed 3rd party hardware is not a recipe for success.

      Google has similar issues with Android, again stemming from using third party OEM’s, but Google at least has pursued the “co-branding” carrot: OEM’s and carriers are allowed to slap the Google name on handsets and load Google’s apps, but only if they are designed to Google’s standards and include ALL Google core features, apps and capabilities.
      Honestly (and I say this as a Blackberry user) the iPhone has the best user interface (and overall experience) in the industry today. Both of those companies bundle their OS only with their hardware, allowing them to design the combination as a overall system.

      Honestly, all hating of AT&T and Apple’s walled-garden aside, Apple does the best job currently of making a user experience that works well on the target usage and hardware.

  6. PanCake BuTT says:

    I’ve been following the progress of a dual boot WinMo/Android phone for a couple of months now. They geeks have come a long way, but all is not squeeky perfect clean.

    I refuse to let go of my Sprint plan at a grand total of $37 a month, which includes insurance and taxes. Of course I only have 500 mins a month, but I don’t really like to chatterbox on my braincooker much. Unlimited txt, internet and ability to use the phone as a modem when no internet connection is around, does it for me.

    There is no Android that entices me enough to leave a plan I’ve had for more than 3 years and that was also slight cheaper for me in past years.

    • sanjaysrik says:

      Funny thing is the evo is the exact reason I gave up my SERO plan that you have (which I did as well). My plan price doubled, but EPRP still made it cheaper.

      • PanCake BuTT says:

        I’m wondering, could you please shoot me some info as to how much cheaper ? I might just pass along my plan to a family member and make the same move you did.

        Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it. Now off to do some of my own research.


        • mbz32190 says:

          I will never give up my SERO plan until Sprint forces me to. I could really care less about iPhone and Android this and that. My custom-moded TouchPro2 can do much more than either. (It isn’t slim or sexy, but who cares? Judging people based on what cell phone they have seems to be more and more common now-a-days, and smartphones are a fairly new trend). This may make me sound like an old fart, but i’m early in my early 20’s. And I cannot beat the $37 total every month for unlimited text/data/night and weekend minutes after 7. (I would have stuck with my old Samsung dumbphone but the buttons broke and got a decent discount for renewing the contract).
          For those wanting the plan, you are out of luck. You can no longer sign up for it. There is a new similar plan (google EPRP), but it will cost you around $60 (The plusses are, for some, more anytime minutes and phones that are newer than the TP2).

  7. perfectly_cromulent says:

    i would wonder if the windows phones could handle it…

  8. colorisnteverything says:

    But why? I stick with WinMo for the practicality. I don’t need every stupid fart ap on the market. I’m a grad student. I just want to be able to send my presentation to a projector or read an excel doc on my phone easily. I love my HTC Ozone and was due for an upgrade this year, but am keeping it for another year because nothing much else on the market tickles my fancy.

    And if one more person recommends I get an iPhone, I may explode.

  9. Krang Krabowski says:

    queue stream of angry customers who bricked their phone doing this….

  10. My Head Hurts says:

    old news, I have been dual booting android on my touch pro for months. And to everyone saying most things won’t work, that is not true. It is completely usable.