ACLU Makes Walgreens Sell Men Emergency Contraceptives

The ACLU says it found out Walgreens stores in Texas and Mississippi refused to sell emergency contraceptives to men, then pressured the pharmacy to order those locations to fall in line with corporate policy and let the men have their morning-after pills.

From a blog post penned by ACLU executives on RH Reality Check:

Walgreens recently issued a bulletin to all of their pharmacies nationwide instructing them that emergency contraception can be sold to “male and female customers age 17 and older.”

The bulletin also said that a male customer who asks to purchase emergency contraception need not be “accompanied by a female, and does not need to identify the individual for whom he is purchasing the product.” This policy tracks the FDA’s guidelines for distribution of emergency contraception.

Have you ever purchased emergency contraceptives? What road blocks stopped you from getting the product?

It Takes Two to Tango [RHRealityCheck]
(Thanks, Brent!)

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