Want To Get Married At Home Depot? How About TJ Maxx?

A few months back, we wrote about a couple in Illinois who tried to combine cheap with hilarious by getting married at a Taco Bell. For better or for worse, it looks like that happy couple is not alone, with an increasing number of people walking down the aisles of retail stores and restaurants.

Take for example one couple in Michigan who will have the honor of being the first to say their “I do”s inside a TJ Maxx this summer.

Explains the bride, “The one constant in my life, no matter what, has always been T.J. Maxx.”

Then there’s Home Depot. The chain of hardware stores has already played host to around half a dozen weddings, which they don’t charge a fee for since most of the materials used for the ceremony — buckets, planks of wood — go right back into the store’s inventory afterward.

If hand-blended ice cream flavors and annoying names for cone sizes is your thing, then look no further than Cold Stone Creamery for your special day. Two Cold Stone employees recently got hitched at their place of employment for free. But a rep for the company advises that such decisions are up to each independently owned store.

Says an editor from wedding website theknot.com:

Brides are obsessed with making their wedding different from anyone else’s… In some cases, too, I think the economy might play into it, where people are really trying to be resourceful.

Would any of you out there in commenter land ever get married in a retail store?

Retail wedding trend leads to “I do’s” at T.J. Maxx, Taco Bell [USA Today]


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    I think there needs to be some special relationship with the store for this not to be completely stupid. Like the co-workers who got married at Cold Store. Beyond that… really?

    • Jacquilynne says:

      I agree. I could see if you both worked there. Or you met there (and continued to go there frequently afterwards).

      And it needs to be on the part of both halves of the couple. Just because the bride is addicted to bargain hunting at TJ Maxx doesn’t make it an appropriate wedding venue, if the groom doesn’t really have any interest in off-price clothes from last season.

  2. Mike says:

    I wanted to get married in an Apple store, but the cost was twice the price of all the other stores, and I was only allowed to get wedding cake from one place, and it had to be vanilla.

    I wanted to get married in Best Buy, but Geek Squad insisted on installing a bunch of software onto my wife before we got married and charging me for it. And I knew another guy who did get married at Best Buy and his wife stopped working correctly, then they gave him the run around when he tried to get her fixed.

    I tried to get married in Walmart, but I got distracted in the electronics department.

    I wanted to get married in Starbucks, but I spilled hot tea on my bride so I am suing them. The lawsuit is still pending so I can’t say anything else.

    I decided to take my wife to be on a destination wedding. I checked her as luggage to save money, they lost her, but at least they gave me a $100 voucher. The peanuts on the plane were good though, it was just that kid next to me wheezing and screaming “My throat! My throat!” that was a total buzz kill.

  3. pantheonoutcast says:

    Is it any more ridiculous to do this than to pay tens of thousands of dollars to celebrate your “special day” in a catering hall with hundreds of people you don’t normally talk to while listening to a “wedding mix” playlist cued up by a $250 an hour DJ? I’ve been to dozens and dozens of weddings, and for all the planning and anxiety and stress that goes into them, they were all EXACTLY the same.

    Except for my cousin’s, who rode up to the altar atop a tractor and had a pig roast after the ceremony. Also, every table had miniature bottles of Jack Daniels on them. That rocked.

    All weddings are ridiculous. They are just different degrees of ridiculous.

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      No kidding. My SIL was a total bridezilla and she had very little money to spend. We had a very small wedding, and only did that for my mom. I went and got flowers at Sam’s the night before. I hate most weddings and the obscene money people spend on them.

      I wonder if there is a correlation between the amount you spend on the wedding and divorce rates.

    • tsukiotoshi says:

      I feel like there is a healthy middle ground to be found, however. I mean, you have cheap options besides a retail establishment. Cheaper even! My friends are getting married in the bride’s grandparent’s backyard tomorrow with the only expense besides her dress the catering, which is done by a reasonably priced local company. Should I ever get married I intend on having a bbq at my grandparents’ camp. Everyone can wear bathing suits and sandals for all I care since that’s probably what I’d be wearing. There would be beer and burgers a plenty. Could probably do the whole deal for like $150.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      My wedding ideas are revolutionary, and thus, I can’t really discuss them, because someone will copy it because it’s the “in” thing to do, and then make a stupid youTube video.

      But just a sample: Instead of a big wedding cake, every table gets it’s own Carvel ice cream cake. Cookie puss in a clergy collar.

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      I agree. I can’t imagine spending more than $1000 on a wedding.
      And wedding and engagement rings! geez – I’ve always wanted a bubblegum machine ring.

      • varro says:

        Our wedding rings – mine was $30 at a jeweler on Pittsburgh’s South Side (sterling silver), and my wife’s was a light blue amethyst I got at a Turkish jeweler in Portland.

        • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

          We spent about $75 (each) for our wedding rings; we wound up going with tungsten which is both cheap and durable. I can’t imagine spending hundreds of dollars on something that’s going to get badly scratched up.

  4. HogwartsProfessor says:

    No no no no no. NO. I’ve waited a LONG ASS TIME for a wedding, and when I have one, it won’t be at some dumb store. It doesn’t have to be a fairy-princess day, but I ain’t getting married at Barnes & Noble.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Ohhh, Barnes & Noble sounds good. It’s like getting married in a historic library… only not historic.

    • Mike says:

      “but I ain’t getting married at Barnes & Noble.”

      Everyone knows Borders is more romantic anyway.

    • ghostberry says:

      Learnin alwys duz take out the romance eh cuz?

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I didn’t want a fancy princess gala either, but I’m like you – there’s no way in hell I would get married in a store. Even if you liked the idea, chances are, people wouldn’t like it as much as you like it and even though it’s popular for the wedding industry to push couples to be super self centered when it comes to doing what they want for a wedding, it’s actually more important to not be so exclusive that half your guests feel like they’re at a wedding for strangers. If you met at Home Depot, that’s cool, but unless you really love Home Depot, and have a lifetime of wonderful memories there, getting married there is really just going to look tacky.

  5. PhillipSC says:

    you know it’s strange but i would really love to photograph that wedding; that would be something very unique to put in the portfolio. I’ve been to one at a planetarium before,but thats as odd as i’ve seen myself.

  6. mac-phisto says:

    i don’t think i’d ever get married in a store, but there are lots of places i wouldn’t mind getting married in not-so-normal places. ever since i was a kid i thought it would be cool to get married at luray cavens in VA. they have the largest musical instrument in the world – & it’s made out of stalactites! imagine here comes the bride on the great stalcpipe organ – that would be cool.

    not really up to me, though…

    • lim says:

      A local couple was having a small (maybe a dozen or so folks) wedding. They didn’t want to spring for a church, but still wanted something church-like. They ended up having the ceremony in the Vermont Marble Museum’s chapel then went home and had a cook-out.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Luray would be so awesome…the logistics of photography would be a nightmare, though. I had come up with all of these awesome places before I realized that the constraints would make my unique idea pretty downright annoying to deal with.

      I wanted to get married in an aquarium, but the lights had to be dimmed just so because otherwise you would disturb the animals. The music couldn’t be turned up past a certain point (it was a little too low) because that would also disturb the animals… so that was out.

      And I also wanted to get married in an art museum, but there wasn’t enough space inside a specific exhibit in the museum to accommodate the 150 people we needed it for, so that was out too. Also, no flash photography and gallery lighting isn’t always flattering.

  7. MisterE says:

    Considering that the U.S. has a high divorce rate: Why not? This might be the marriage that last!

    • Verdant Pine Trees says:

      the US? Lots of countries have high divorce rates (including the UK, I believe). Though you have to take it with a grain of salt, e.g. the “50%” figure refers to all marriages, including those by people on their third, fourth, fifth ad nauseum marriages, who are more likely to get divorced than those married for the 2nd or 1st time.

  8. nobomojo says:

    I got married at the courthouse and it was awesome. Then later on we had a wedding party/pig pickin’ and that was also awesome, albeit more stressful because we catered it ourselves. It would not have done it any other way–I highly recommend a low key ceremony!

  9. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    When I worked in a supermarket, I told my boss that since I am an ordained minister, we should perform marriages at the courtesy booth. He didn’t like the idea.

    • brinks says:

      My fiance and I are broke as hell AND can’t stand the overdone BS of traditional weddings. You just planned my wedding.

      Now…Kroger or Giant Eagle?

  10. IceMax says:

    Thats it, If i ever get married, I getting married and having my honeymoon in an IKEA

  11. IceMax says:

    Thats it, if I ever get married, I’m getting married and having my honeymoon in an IKEA

  12. IceMax says:

    If I ever get married, I’m doing it in an IKEA. And then having my Honeymoon there

  13. ~Ian~ says:

    Getting married at home depot does sound odd … but at least you won’t have trouble getting wood on your honeymoon … xD just sayin’ :P

  14. Atsumi says:

    That’s it! I’m getting married at Dollar Tree!

  15. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    Married in a park on the Hudson, right near the George Washington bridge. Reception at Dave & Busters.

    Was $2200 for D&B to do all the setup, catering, cleanup and bartending. Music on their sound system courtesy of some CDs a friend burned for us as a gift. We gave out game cards to all our guests, and I was the most dressed up wearing Dockers and a polo shirt.

    Next weekend, renewing our vows on the back deck, followed by a party with a bunch of friends. I think the biggest expense will be the ice luge.

  16. dg says:

    Ahhh, no I’d never get hitched at a retail store. Having worked retail in a past life – I know that “Retail Sucks” – why have the happiest day of your life take place in a locale known for the suckage?

    If you can’t afford it – you don’t need a big wedding. Hit the courthouse – have it at the park – anywhere but in Aisle 4 next to the plungers, or by the “Summer Jacket” rack…

  17. brinks says:

    My fiance and I met while working at Staples. However, I got fired and he came damn close before quitting without notice.

    Pretty sure they’re not letting us back in for a wedding.

    • Sparkstalker says:

      That, and I’m sure you don’t want to be known as the bride with the Easy button…

  18. lizzybeans11 says:

    “Brides are obsessed with making their wedding different from anyone else’s…”


  19. Robofish says:

    I’m totally going to have to suggest this idea to my fiance just to see her reaction. We are currently wedding planning. She is totally stressed. Me not so much.

  20. RandomHookup says:

    Everyone knows it’s tacky to get married in a Home Depot. Now, getting married at Starbucks…that’s classy.

  21. FireHorse says:

    I was married in a very ordinary church, but my family just had a reunion of sorts, and when the weather didn’t cooperate, we took the reunion photos in a Cabela’s. We had a professional photographer, and we were wearing somewhat coordinated clothing, so we were asked if we were shooting a commercial. I haven’t seen the proofs yet, so I don’t know if the elk and deer diorama, the African savannah, or the herd of musk oxen at the Arctic are going to end up being our best background. A pretty good time was had by all, though, and that includes amused customers among the hunting knives and fishing rods.

    While I’m not a huge fan of weddings in odd places just for the sake of it being an odd place, I agree that if the place has some real significance for you, why not? I’ve never been to a wedding in any place more exotic than a botanical garden, but if I were invited to one at a coffee shop, a Radio Shack, or the local flea market, I’d go.

  22. njunderground says:

    I have to say, this is one of the stupidist things I have ever heard! I could understand if the two met in the TJ Maxx…MAYBE. But come on, just because she likes the friggin store?!? Sounds like nothing but a stunt to get free clothes! Gee, look at us, we made a joke of our wedding and look like jackasses on the news!