Sony Only Restricting Hulu Plus Access During Preview

It seemed odd last week that Sony was apparently pulling a Microsoft and planning to make gamers subscribe to its premium service for the privilege of connecting to Hulu Plus. Reports that Sony was making the move were unconfirmed, and it turns out, only half-true.

Hulu stepped in and clarified that Sony is only shutting out non-members of its $50-a-year PlayStation Plus service during Hulu’s unspecified preview period. Once that period is over, all PS3 owners who subscribe to Hulu Plus will be able to watch shows on their TVs through their consoles.

You have to wonder whether Sony was testing the waters before deciding to go a different way once it caught the backlash.

Hulu: ‘Playstation Plus service is only a requirement during the preview period’ [Joystiq]

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  1. PunditGuy says:

    No, this isn’t a Sony decision. Hulu is obviously concerned about their servers getting hammered during their beta, so they’ve limited the trial audience to the 27 PlayStation Plus subscribers.

    • Kilawat12 says:

      yeah the other 33 people that have a ps3 will have to wait!

      • AnthonyC says:

        Wait, what? You do realize they’ve sold over 35 million worldwide, and that the “27 Playstation Plus subscribers” comment was hyperbole for comic effect, yes?

        • _Rand_ says:

          So was the other 33 people comment.

          • kujospam says:

            And here I thought I was the lucky 28th. LOL Great thing is, I already saved myself 15 dollars. Once I reach 50 it’s break even. Hopefully they will keep coming out with stuff that I like on PSN. Also I like the free digital mag. It’s worth about 1 dollar a month to me. lol

        • Conformist138 says:

          *hugs* i love people who get a joke, then assume no one else is gonna keep the ball rolling. Welcome to the interwebz!

  2. oblivious87 says:

    I think its funny how much flack Sony gets for this, but Microsoft has been doing this with Netflix all along and will do it with Hulu as well.

    Sony still provides online gameplay for free, PS+ gives you extra features as well as free/discounted games every month.

    Personally, I don’t think any consumer should have to double pay for a service. Sony and Microsoft should look at Hulu+, Netflix, and other online pay services as a way to sell more consoles rather then a promotion to get more money out of gamers that already invested a good amount of money on their consoles. In the end, there are too many other devices that will provide streaming these services for free (PlayOn, Internet Enabled HDTVs and BR Players, media extenders, etc)

    • grucifer says:

      It’s not double paying IMO. People that use XBL Gold generally use it to play games, not to watch Netflix, Hulu or whatever. If you’re one of the ones that doesn’t play games over XBL then setup your computer to your TV and stream Netflix and/or Hulu all you want.

      Really any benefit of XBL Gold other than playing games is a pure bonus.

      • oblivious87 says:

        So if the purpose of the Gold account is to only play games online, why is it required to stream Netflix to the Xbox? My point was simply that both Sony and Microsoft could market their consoles as multimedia machines which are easy to use, configure, and hook up to your home entertainment console.

        Sony is trying to market themselves at a multimedia machine and if they required PS+, they’d be shooting themselves in the foot. Microsoft basically wants to market themselves a a gaming machine first where you can pay a yearly fee to make it a social gaming machine plus a multimedia machine.

        What just doesn’t make sense is that they are charging money for a service which many can get for free with a lot of the equipment they already have. All this is doing is preventing Microsoft from having a few more media streaming only users to add to their numbers because these users will simply use the technology that is free.

        • grucifer says:

          It might be its main purpose, but that doesn’t make it its only one. Sure, Microsoft could let Silver XBL users stream Netflix, but why not reward your customers who currently pay to play games online by offering the service just to them?

          Not to say that it would bother me if they let Silver users use Netflix/Hulu/etc but I’m not going to sit here and pretend it’s double-paying because I pay for Live and Netflix. My 360 is just one avenue I use to view Netflix. It seems pretty obvious to me that Microsoft doesn’t care about the number of people streaming media but giving quality service to those that pay for their online gaming. I think they both do a great job of saying; it plays games and check out what else it does.

          I’m not trying to be an ass, I just completely disagree with anyone who says this method has them “double paying.”

    • JohnnyP says:

      He did say.
      Sony was apparently pulling a Microsoft
      And I don’t own either the PS3 or the 360 I have a Wii and a PC and I can do more that’s why I don’t own either of the other 2.
      That and my wife will actually play with the Wii.

    • DanRydell says:

      Microsoft’s decision to restrict Netflix to Gold subscribers was ok when they had exclusivity, because it was assumed that they paid (if not with money then with technology) for the exclusivity. Now that it’s not exclusive it is pretty lame that they’re still charging for it.

    • squirrel says:

      I own several PS3’s for quite a while now. I recently (as on last week) joined the XBOX 360 party a bit late when the slim came out. I’m rather surprised at the difference with how the two companies present the two systems to their customers. I would assume long-time 360 players don’t think much of it, but Sony definitely spoiled the XBOX experience for me.

      Sony’s network service is free and useful vs. Microsoft’s set up where you can do pretty much nothing useful but track your play stats and buy stuff from their marketplace. Having to pay for Live Gold to stream Netflix was rude, IMHO.

  3. coym says:

    We were bashing companies and reporting on unconfirmed stories for what reason…?

  4. Chris J. Stone says:

    You have to wonder what Sony did to Phil Villarreal for him to be so hateful towards the company, even when they announce good news.