Walmart Aims For Store In D.C.

Now that Walmart has finally triumphed over Chicago, it’s setting its sites on the remaining urban markets that have so far resisted the retailer. The Washington Post says an unnamed source has told them that Walmart is in final negotiations with a plot of land “on New York Avenue NE near the intersection of Bladensburg Road.” The area currently houses an auto parts shop and a strip club, among other businesses.

“Wal-Mart in negotiations to open D.C. store” [Washington Post]


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  1. jaybeas says:

    I use that intersection on occasion when I’m headed from DC into Maryland (usually BWI Airport), and it’s a terrible intersection traffic-wise. Adding a Wal-Mart to the area is only going to make the congestion more annoying, particularly considering there isn’t really a Metro stop nearby. I’m not totally opposed to the idea of Wal-Mart in DC (I probably wouldn’t shop there personally but I find it hard to get worked up over the idea of Wal-Mart), but that location kind of sucks from an urban planning point-of-view. Then again, I doubt “Wal-Mart” and “urban planning” really ever go together.

    • TuxthePenguin says:

      I wonder, if Walmart agreed to pay, say 50% of the costs of adding a Metro Station there, would that help improve things?

      • msingerman says:

        There isn’t a metro line near there, and even if there were, adding an infill metro station requires years of planning and costs hundreds of millions of dollars. I seriously doubt Walmart would be willing to pay for that. Instead, they should focus on building an underground garage and pushing to use much of the site for additional mixed-use development.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        Yeah it’s not really that metro friendly. The nearest station is Stadium-Armory and according to Google Maps, that’s 2.8 miles away. You have to hop a bus to get to that area.

  2. jrobie says:

    Oh Hell no. One of the few advantages to living in DC is the absence of tacky suburban crap like WalMart. The capital doesn’t need anymore guns, censored music or shoddy quasi-slave-labor-produced Chinese merchandise.

    • TuxthePenguin says:

      So what other commercial entities would you like to wholesale ban from DC?

      • jrobie says:

        There are plenty that I would like to ban wholesale from DC. Fewer that I think, as a matter of policy SHOULD be banned.

    • nbs2 says:

      Shoddy merchandise? What, are you going to kick all the CVSs out of the city? Guns? You going to snap the Eastern half of the city into the Anacostia? Censored music? The 10% restaurant tax is enough that I don’t care about that you people have to listen to.

  3. KyleOrton says:

    On one hand, they’re replacing higher paying jobs with lower-paying ones. On the other hand, the strippers will have a longer career at WalMart.

    The loser, as always, is the strip club DJ.

    • frank64 says:

      Where would these new clerks be working if not at Walmart that would pay them more?

    • rpm773 says:

      Maybe the store can give him a gig spinning music for the PA system.

      “And this next one by Air Supply goes out to Crystal, working in housewares…”

  4. headhot says:

    Too bad traffic there is at a complete standstill 80% of the day.

  5. full.tang.halo says:

    This ought to be an interesting fight, either you’re team wal-mart master of “Chinese crap” & “low skill/pay jobs” or team strip club master of “degrading & objectifying women”. It’s like an internet troll got out into the real world and is just bating everyone.

  6. Harrison W. says:

    I know why they want to put it there, but I am going to hold my comments to avoid starting a flame war. But seriously, they should move it a little further North East on Bladensburg, into PG.

    However, I do hate Wal-Mart – so best of luck to D.C. on resisting them!

  7. taney71 says:

    Only a matter of time since target and bed, bath, and beyond came to DC.

  8. Talman Toomes says:

    Oh, great. You know what happened the last time Bladensburg fell?

    Blue vests are the new red coats!

  9. dreamfish says:

    Will there be singing and dancing in the streets of DC at this news?

    • Rachacha says:

      For the people that live in DC Perhaps, although that immediate area is not really a residental area, and without public transportation in the area (METRO) I can’t imagine that it would be worth going to as compared with some of the local shops in someone’s neighborhood.

      • tsukiotoshi says:

        I live in DC and I can assure you I will be doing no singing or dancing should Walmart plop themselves in the District. I will frown at them distastefully and move on with my life.

  10. Macgyver says:

    I don’t know why almost everyone hates them for.
    You know how much the pay is going to be before you start working for them. You know about the benefits.
    And if people don’t like it, they can always negotiate they own contract, without having to become unionized. Or, they could just not work there if they don’t like it.

    And they’re going to create thousands of jobs with this.

    • ARP says:

      Yes, thousand of low-wage part time jobs, where some of the members and their families will have to dip into welfare or other government programs to have ends meet. Of course Wal-Mart rarely pays property taxes or other local taxes. So, the local governments will end up making less money (or even having a net loss), compared to other businesses, all so that they can talk about the NUMBER of jobs, not the actual quality. The low wages suppresses the overall wages in that area and consumer spending drops, except at Wal-Mart, because that’s all they can afford. In short, Wal-Marts often COST cities money, they don’t make cities money.

    • mommiest says:

      I have no problem with them, as long as they pay the same property taxes all other businesses pay, and don’t bully local governments into using eminent domain to get their land. Oh, but somehow they manage to be special, and that’s where I have a problem.

  11. tomcat1483 says:

    Wait no more Skylark Lounge? (strip club) that means no more very entertaining police reports of the dancers chasing there customers out into the parking lot before driving them over.