TD Bank Pushes Totally Flat Debit Cards

Run your fingers over one of TD Bank’s new debit cards and you’ll notice something missing. There’s no embossed numbers. It’s not a fake, it’s the future: a completely flat debit card that can be issued right on the spot when you open an account at a local bank, with no waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

We covered this recently as part of another post but it’s so odd we thought it worth calling out on its own.

TD Bank introduced the cards in 2007 as a pilot program and seems to have recently pushed them out to ex-Commerce Bank locations and customers, which is how I noticed it when it came in the mail.

There’s really little reason for cards to be embossed these days because most transactions are done by swiping. I think the only times recently someone did a rubbing of my card was a jitney cab and Chinese food delivery boy.

Use your new TD Bank Visa® Debit Card every day, everywhere you shop. [TD Bank]
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