Good News, Philly — Your Rabid Groundhog Is With Satan Now

Last month Eliza told us about a rabid groundhog that was stalking the streets of Philadelphia. She called multiple government agencies, but none of them would do anything about it. It took a vigilante to set things right and defeat the crazed beast.

She writes:

A newspaper delivery man was stopped at the corner in his truck, watching the groundhog along with the rest of the neighbors, and he said, “Hey, want me to take care of that for ya?” I started cheering “YES, DO IT!” So he slowly pulled up onto the curb, and the groundhog charged right towards his tire and that was that. I must give props to the Philadelphia Streets Department, because we reported it to them as roadkill and they came and cleaned it right up that afternoon.

Perhaps Eliza’s hero has stumbled upon a new side career for newspaper deliverymen who have less to do due to slumping circulation.

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