Use Your Obsolete Computer To Grate Cheese

While Vince “ShamWow” Shlomi might think slicing cheese with an Eminem CD is the ultimate in repurposed tech, MacForce has one-upped him big time. The tech consulting company is out with a video demonstrating how the Apple PowerMac G5, launched in 2003 as a $2,000 workhorse computer, is now better suited to working as a humble cheese grater.

As the Mac ‘n Cheese lovers at TUAW point out:

Actually it’s just the case doing the grating — you have to admit, with all of those tiny holes for ventilation, the case works pretty well. It does make a mess, though, and there’s quite a bit of cheese still left on the unit. It may not be able to run 10.6, but the old G5 will spruce up your salad if you so choose.

Nice to know that there’s such a practical use for obsolete computer hardware. Add some of the models that have been recalled for bursting into flame, and you might be able to prepare an entire meal using old gadgets.

Grating cheese on a G5 [TUAW]

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