AT&T, Comcast Blame Each Other For My Internet Exploding

Roger was dissatisfied with his phone reception in his home, so opted to buy an AT&T MicroCell, a mini cell phone tower that’s supposed to boost signal performance.

So of course what happened is the wireless demons emitted from the device jabbed their pitchforks into his cable modem. At least that’s what Comcast would have you believe. AT&T tells Roger it’s Comcast’s bad.

He writes:

I purchased an AT&T micro cell as the reception in my home was poor. After connecting it I noticed that within a few hours the Cable modem stopped functioning. I have Comcast cable service. I contacted AT&T support, an they blamed the Comcast service. Comcast support wanted nothing to do with the AT&T micro cell. Now I have a useless piece of AT&T equipment.

Armchair referees, which company would you guess is at fault here?

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