Continental Introduces New, Fancier Cocktails… For A Fee, Of Course

A lot of air travelers partake of liquor while flying, whether it’s to calm the nerves or just something to make watching the latest Robert Pattinson movie on a 6″ screen palatable. But for those passengers who find a gin and tonic lacks the razmatazz to match their personality, Continental will soon have the solution… and be willing to charge you premium for it.

The airline has partnered with cocktail mixer company Stirrings to offer mojitos and pomegranate martinis (though I’m guessing these will be more like the Kool-Aid version of the cocktails).

If that weren’t enough, you can now cover your booze with the medicine-meets-cotton-candy taste of Red Bull to offer the energy drink.

For a drink mixed with a packet of powder or a shot of Red Bull, the airline thinks $9 is a reasonable price. Or if you’ve got a little alcoholic-in-training flying with you, virgin versions of these icktails are all yours for $3.

Continental To Sell ‘Specialty Cocktails’ In Flight [WSJ]

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