BP Offices To Be Serenaded By Orchestra Of Vuvuzelas

Woe to those unfortunate souls who work in the London offices of British Petroleum. An angry soul in Brooklyn is marshalling an army of like-minded souls and arming each man, woman and child with the most deadly of instrument — the vuvuzela — for an impromptu concert outside your building.

Writes Adam Quirk in his description of Vuvuzelas for BP:

BP is not feeling the pain they are causing in the Gulf. BP is spending millions on PR. In order to put a bit of public pressure on them, we plan to buy 100 vuvuzelas and hire 100 vuvuzela players off Craigslist to play in front of BP’s International Headquarters in London for a one-day flash mob.

Quirk has already managed to raise the $1,000 needed to purchase and ship the god-awful plastic noisemakers and hire people to play them — though I have a feeling there won’t be any need to hire out for this one.

The remaining pledges, which right now total over $2,100, are to be donated to the Center for Biological Diversity.

He’s now looking for folks in the UK to help out as organizers, players, videographers and photographers.

I’m just glad that BP’s not headquartered in NYC — or anywhere within 100 miles of NYC — because I have a feeling this might get loud.

Brooklyn Man to Unleash Ultimate Suffering Upon BP by Way of Vuvuzela [VillageVoice.com]

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