What's This Giant Mold Monster Melissa Found In A Capri Sun Pouch?

Melissa found a nastiness in her pouch of Capri Sun, a nastiness even nastier than Capri Sun. A giant mold monster that grew inside the pouch after it was punctured slightly, perhaps? UPDATE: Kraft’s Amusing Capri Sun Mold FAQ

After a couple of weeks of being non-responsive about the issue, Kraft said:

“We recently received word from a consumer about an issue with a Capri Sun pouch. We understand that some of you are concerned. Now that we’ve tested the material, we’ve confirmed it was mold. While unpleasant, it is not a safety issue. If this had been a safety issue, Kraft Foods certainly would have taken the necessary steps, including issuing a recall.

As a general food safety tip, please remember that because Capri Sun beverages don’t have preservatives, a leaky pouch can cause the beverage to spoil and discarding it is the right action to take.

The pix continue to get reposted all over the internets, which are not enthused by the images or Kraft’s brushoff.

Melissa’s Photos – CAPRI SUN [Facebook] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)
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Kraft Foods Facebook Fan Page (whose wall is now covered in messages related to this story)

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