Dick's $10 Off Coupon Good For Most Things, Not The Item You Want

Silly Sean, he filled out a survey for Dick’s Sporting Goods because he thought his receipt’s promise of “$10 off your next purchase of $50!” meant that he would get $10 off his next purchase of $50. Nope!

Sean writes:

Anyone who has gotten offers or coupons from Dick’s Sporting Goods in their email box probably has noticed their extremely long and comprehensive list of items that are excluded from the deal.

I forgot that after a recent trip for golf tees. On my receipt for my small purchase was an offer of $10 off my next purchase of $50 or more if I filled out an online survey. I had been wanting to try out some new Titleist golf balls, but always balk at thier price. But I felt I could justify the purchase of a couple of dozen with the $10 savings. So I went online and completed the survey. It was pretty quick, despite the ‘% complete’ progress bar at the top being completely bogus. After I hit 100%, it actually took me to another 5 or 6 questions.

But I complete the survey and the coupon is displayed for printing. The fine print, though not as completely outrageous as their usual coupon exclusions, lists several items that the coupon cannot be used for. On that list, obviously, are Titleist golf balls.

I checked the receipt, and does not indicate exclusions will be applied to this offer. The exact text on the receipt is as follows:

“Get $10 off your next purchase of $50! Complete our online Customer Survey at http://www.DicksSportingGoods.com/feedback. Survey must be completed within 48 hours of store visit.”

Seems pretty straight forward.

So, fellow Consumerists, do I fight for this one? Or am I being obtuse? It really sticks in my gall that the exact item I had filled out the survey for is specifically excluded.

Dick’s stole your time with a promise of $10 off your next purchase of $50, not a promise of $10 off select items. Their attempted restrictions are adorable but meaningless. Being right is, of course, only the first hurdle. Try using the coupon. You’ll end up speaking with a manager, but explain that you filled out the survey because of the receipt and that you expect Dick’s to honor their end of the agreement. If that doesn’t work, write to Dick’s corporate office. Tell them you’re a valuable customer who feels cheated. If they can’t honor the coupon, they can at least issue you an unrestricted $10 gift certificate to apologize.

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