Mike Mozart

Dick’s Sporting Goods Predicts More Trouble In Industry, Will Focus On House Brands

Unlike a number of its competitors who are shuttering stores or shutting down entirely, sales are up slightly at Dick’s Sporting Goods. That may not be enough to please Wall Street, so the retailer has a plan to boost profits: Sell more of its house-brand products. [More]


Report: Dick’s Won Auction For Golfsmith’s Intellectual Property, U.S. Stores

According to “a person familiar with the matter,” Dick’s Sporting Goods picked up the U.S. business and intellectual property of bankrupt specialty retailer Golfsmith for $70 million, as expected. Serving as its caddies for this round were well-known names in the retail liquidation business, Hilco Global and Tiger Capital Group. [More]


Dick’s Plans To Bid On Bankrupt Competitor Golfsmith

This has been a bad year to be in the brick-and-mortar sporting goods business, unless you’re the dominant chain in that market, Dick’s. Golfsmith filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year, and a major competitor was Golf Galaxy, a similar specialty chain owned by… Dick’s. Now the bankrupt chain’s former competitor is reportedly preparing to buy its United States business, at least, out of bankruptcy. [More]

Sam Ejnes

Sporting Goods Store Apocalypse Continues With Bankruptcy Of Golfsmith

You might not recognize the name Golfsmith, but it’s the biggest golf-only store in North America, with 109 stores here and 55 in Canada. Golf, however, isn’t as hot as it was in the years after Tiger Woods went pro, and the sport’s popularity is waning. That means there’s less need for all-golf stores. [More]