Make A DIY Meat Smoker Out Of Some Flower Pots

Meat smokers are expensive, but apparently you can make one that works just fine out of some unglazed terra cotta flower pots and various other cheap and readily available supplies. When you’re done, remember 5 out of 7 Consumerist editors love BBQ.

The source of most of these flower pot smokers is, of course, Alton Brown.

DIY-site Instructables has a variety of different flower pot smokers for you to choose from.

There are cute ones with feet and one, built by a guy who designs assembly equipment for an automotive supplier that has a temperature controller.

You don’t have to worry about any of that, however. Your basic “cheap redneck ceramic smoker” will do the trick.

Make a DIY Flower-Pot Smoker [Lifehacker]

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