Consumer Reports Tries Out Chevy Volt, Enjoys Driving It

Yes, Virginia, there is an electric car. Sibling Consumer Reports got their hands on a pre-production model of the Chevy Volt, a new plug-in electric car hitting the asphalt this fall. It has a range of 40 miles on just electric. After the battery is depleted, the gas engine kicks in, extending the total range to 300 miles. Yep, you can plug it in to a standard outlet. But how’s the ride?

Consumer Reports testers enjoyed the smooth quiet ride, though they said the 3,800 pounder felt heavy in the corners.

The car will only be sold in LA, DC and Michigan in November, with an expected national rollout to “select” dealers” within a year.

It’ll run you about $40,000, though tax incentives should bring that into the low $30’s.

Overall assessment? “Not bad!” Be interesting to see what they think after they buy their own in the fall – Consumer Reports buys all the products it tests just like a regular consumer – and put it through its paces.

What do you think, is the Chevy Volt a viable electric car or just another Detroit pipe dream to blow smoke up all our asses? Sound off in the comments.

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