AT&T Ships Empty Box Instead of iPhone 4

The big day had arrived. The UPS box containing Logan’s new iPhone 4 sat on his front porch. Picking it up, he noticed it felt rather light.

When he opened the box, there were papers, and an air padding bag, but no iPhone. Somewhere along the shipping process, it vanished.

“The box was clearly not tampered with when I received it as it was both taped and glued on both ends and there was no physical damage to the box,” writes Logan. Based on this, he thinks, “there was never a phone packed in the box.”


Noting that AT&T had no problem making sure the charges processed, he quipped, “At least their billing system isn’t broken.”

What happened to the phone, and when? The world may never know.

Fortunately, AT&T has offered him a refund and cancelled his order. Unfortunately, he really would rather be holding a new iPhone.