Lazy Delivery Guys Left Appliances In Our Garage

Candice and Ryo hit up an Oregon Best Buy on May 2 and dropped more than $5,000 to fill their home with a range, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Now it’s almost July and due to a number of delays the couple still doesn’t have half of their appliances. Even some of the ones they do have are unusable because the delivery guys judged that the boxes were too large to fit through the door so they just left them in the garage.

Complaints to Best Buy haven’t yielded results. Candice writes:

We have successfully received 50 percent of our appliances that are now installed and functioning. We have 2 appliances sitting in boxes in our garage. We have 1 open box item possibly in transit and 3 items waiting for haul away.

This is by far the most complicated purchase we have ever made. We have been unable to cook and forced to incur additional expenses associated with eating out 3 meals a day. We have been disappointed with the results and wanted to bring them to your attention. We are sure this is not the level of service that Best Buy aims to provide.

We hope to have our transaction completed within the next few days, almost two months after our initial purchase. We upheld our end of the transaction by paying over $5000 on May 2nd and cannot help but feel that we got the short end of the stick since Best Buy has yet to fulfill its obligations to us.

At this point, we are unsure of what to do next or how to even attempt to remedy the situation.

Candice and Ryo are afraid to open the boxes themselves because they fear they lack the strength to lug the appliances inside. What would you do in their situation?


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  1. FDCPAGuy says:

    Did they try speaking with the store GM? The 888BestBuy number? What did the OP attempt? Their part of this post didn’t discuss anything they’ve done in regards to speaking with bestbuy. Only thing that gives any indication they’ve tried is Phil’s commentary (which frankly I don’t trust).

    • FDCPAGuy says:

      Also why did the OP sign off on the delivery if they weren’t happy with the appliances being in the garage? If they are in fact too large to fit through their door opening how do they plan to get them inside? As far as the 2 month delay in appliances: I wonder if some of their appliances were special order. When I got my refrigerator from Bestbuy it was a special order item and I had to wait a month (knew that at the time of purchase and I was fine with it).

      • Akanbe says:

        That’s the problem purchasing multiple (or sometimes even single) appliances from Best Buy. Unless it’s a big store, they probably do not have a big appliance section. They probably do not have many appliances in stock. If ordering multiple appliances, from my experience, I’d say there is an 80% chance that one of your items will be discontinued, special order, or out of stock/unable to be ordered. If the employee is not trained in appliances (highly likely), it’s possible that they will push it through the system anyway and your appliance may take forever or never come at all.

        I believe the system is changing for appliance orders. In the near future, if someone decides to order from them, it should come faster as well as have a wider number of items that can be ordered.

        The quality of the delivery team differs greatly from store to store, but buyers at least gotta do some of the legwork and see how big their openings are.

    • [MG]LooseCannon says:

      I’m getting tired of these posts where the OP doesn’t mention making any attempt to use the normal channels (customer service number, talk to manager, etc) but rather just decides to write to the consumerist as if that’s the magical answer.

      Also, how many appliances did they buy if they have “successfully received 50 percent of our appliances that are now installed and functioning.” and “2 appliances sitting in boxes in our garage.” if Phil say “couple still doesn’t have half of their appliances.”

      The OP clearly says they have 2 in the garage, one in transit and 50% installed, so let’s assume that since there are 3 not installed there are 3 installed and working. When exactly, Phil, did ONE OUT OF SIX become “half”?

      Can someone please provide Phil with the definition of “fact checking”?

  2. Tim says:

    If the delivery team truly couldn’t fit the appliances through the door, they should have put them back into the truck and figured things out from there. Leaving them in the garage is stupid. Did they really think that the average consumer has the means necessary to carry them?

    • FDCPAGuy says:

      The OP would have signed off on the delivery and would have known the appliances were in the garage. No idea why they would have signed off on it… but they would have had to. Otherwise yes the delivery guys would have taken them back and figured it out from there.

    • Hoss says:

      They paid for delivery and in the minds of BB delivery guys, the job was done. They didn’t try to fit it through the door — it says they determined it wouldnt fit. My one and only experience w BB delivery was similar crappy service. We had just had our floors done and I asked the delivery guy to please be careful of the new floor. When the second delivery guy walked in, the first guy mocked me saying he doesnt want any scratches on the new floor and then moved the box w his foot. I told them both to get the f— out

      • KyleOrton says:

        No refrigerator will fit through a standard door in the box. The one I bought needed to have the doors taken off to get it in my house or any other house without a double-door. The instructions were on the box for doing this and the Best Buy delivery people in my area knew they would have to do this and did a great job of carefully taking the doors off and reassembling in the kitchen.

        I’ve never bought a stove new, but doors are pretty standard and appliances are taking every inch possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just what delivery entails now.

        • Theodore the Proud says:

          “No refrigerator will fit through a standard door in the box.”

          Absurd and simply not true. I’ve seen plenty of 2.5 cubic ft refrigerators stay in the box and be brought easily through doors.

          • common_sense84 says:

            And you are just being dumb, because you know he was talking about a full sized kitchen refrigerator.

            • Theodore the Proud says:

              People should learn to say what they mean.
              Thanks for calling me dumb.

              • The Gray Train says:

                how about asinine?

                • DoubleEcho says:

                  Or simply a troll.

                  • Theodore the Proud says:

                    It’s fun to call people trolls, isn’t it?

                    The thing is – what I said was not in any way trollish. I’m not attempting to start an argument. I’m pointing out how the person I was replying to was incorrect. No one that replied to me was arguing about the facts of what I said at all – thus, I’m clearly not starting an argument.

                    Maybe you should try figuring out what trolling is before you start calling people that?

                    Or perhaps you should read the Consumerist’s code of conduct and find out that your post violated it?

                    • Paladingo says:

                      Arguing semantics pointlessly doesn’t exactly contribute to the conversation, but if you need to do so to pat yourself on the back and feel clever, then how nice for you.

                    • bwcbwc says:

                      Not a troll. Just nitpicky, perhaps even anal retentive.

          • coren says:

            And if we were talking about a fridge that small, I don’t think it would need to be delivered. Just because they weren’t specific doesn’t mean you didn’t know what they meant.

        • brinks says:

          When I was shopping for a new couch, the salesman talked to me about how wide my front door was because that was a major consideration. He even mentioned that I might have to remove the screen door before delivery if it was too close. These are things that a good salesperson will discuss BEFORE any purchase so something like this doesn’t happen.

          • Oddfool says:

            I’ve done the same thing working at Walmart when people were purchasing the large 12′-15′ pools. Using the floor tiles measuring out the diameter, showing it will take ‘this much room in you back yard’. Saved myself a few headaches from people returning them out of box when they found out they did not have as much space in their yards as they thought.

        • Dallas_shopper says:

          My fridge could fit through only one door in the house, and it had to be brought in with its doors hanging open. That was one time Sears actually did their job and delivered what I paid for in a timely and courteous manner.

          I had to take the laundry room door off the hinge to get the washer and dryer into that room. Thank god I have an exterior door in that room that is wide enough to fit appliances through; the door to the kitchen isn’t nearly wide enough to put a washer or dryer through.

          One thing I did do prior to ordering my fridge was to measure not only the space it was going into but I measured every potential doorway it would have to be brought through so I knew exactly how large (or small) a fridge I needed. When the fridge arrived I pointed out the route that the delivery people had to take in order to fit it in and it was pretty easy; they were in and out in 10-15 minutes and I was up and running. Haven’t had any problems since.

          Hopefully the OPs were equally diligent.

  3. DanRydell says:

    “Even some of the ones they do have are unusable because the delivery guys judged that the boxes were too large to fit through the door so they just left them in the garage.”

    This story is missing obvious and important details:
    1. How wide is the widest door?
    2. How wide are the boxes?

    The implication is that the boxes are too wide but the appliances would fit without the boxes? It doesn’t surprise me that a delivery guy would not want to take the appliances out of the box before he gets them inside. What if he scratched them?

    • Chmeeee says:

      I’ve never seen an appliance delivered into the house still in it’s box. It’s far easier to get through doorways and rooms out of the box. When I had my washer/dryer delivered by Lowes, they unboxed it in the truck, then carried it in and into the basement. It never would have fit through the door in the box.

      • Emperor Norton I says:

        I see appliance deliveries all the time on my block. They park the truck, take it out of the box & bring it into the building.
        When I see the Best Buy people deliver, they have that strap contraption that fits over their shoulders with the fridge between them & the two guys walk the refrigerator through the building’s hallways that way.

        • msbask says:

          I agree 100%.

          I was so impressed with how two (Home Depot) delivery men used that contraption to walk my washing machine up a flight of stairs!

          • chiieddy says:

            The Best Buy guys did that with my new fridge, range and dishwasher. I live on the side of the hill and have a flight and a half of steps to climb. They also got my washer and dryer into the basement no problem. They took the appliances out of the boxes prior to bringing them inside.

            The only problem I had with a Best Buy delivery was about 8 years ago with a dishwasher installation. At that point I was single and had no clue how to hook up a dishwasher. I hired them to send their sub-contractor on Saturday after the delivery. Then he didn’t show. The sub-contracting firm informed me he didn’t work on Saturdays, but Best Buy’s contract with them certainly included the weekend, so they were in violation. I told them I could not take off work for this install and they told me I had to make priorities (because apparently earning a living is less important than a dishwasher install). I didn’t have the ability to telecommute at the time. A call the Best Buy and a visit to the manager took care of the problem. They refunded my install charge and gave me back some of the delivery charge as well. I never faulted Best Buy for the fiasco. Oh, and Best Buy’s lawyers made the guy come on a Saturday. It just took 2 more weeks for me to get the dishwasher. Unfortunately, I’d gotten haul away so I was hand washing. but not the end of the world. It was my first time living in a place with a dishwasher anyhow.

      • DanRydell says:

        I guess because my house has a double front door I’ve never had that problem.

    • KyleOrton says:

      That’s part of a delivery job. Many appliances have to have a door taken off to fit in a standard house and are designed so a delivery person can do this. Even with stickers that tell the consumer “If the delivery person does not do XXX, call the manufacturer or the store.”

  4. slim150 says:

    it’ll all be worth it when you get that $100 reward zone certificate!

    just kidding. so are the boxes too big to fit inside?

  5. yessongs says:

    Hey get some friends to help you or go to the gym and work out.

    • temporaryscars says:

      Yes, good call. Go to the gym and work out for months so you can finally carry your appliances inside, why didn’t they think of that!?

  6. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Eating out 3 meals a day? I find that one a little hard to believe.

    But seriously, if the removed appliances are the same size as the new appliances, how can you say they are too big? Has the OP measured the openings and the appliances? Nothing makes a letter more convincing than showing by the numbers that something isn’t true.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      Eating out 3 meals a day? I find that one a little hard to believe.

      Why? Eating out only means not cooking at home. They’re not claiming they’ve been eating at 5 star restaurants 3 times a day.

      • Daverson says:

        I find it hard to believe, too. If my range/oven wasn’t working, I could use an electric skillet, or a toaster oven, or the grill outside for example. But eating out or taking out three meals a day? Sounds a lot like BS to me.

        • Rectilinear Propagation says:

          So you’ve never heard of people who don’t cook?

          • Sneeje says:

            That’s not the issue. DanRydell, put it very well. They chose the most expensive way to deal with the situation. Best Buy should not have to pay for that choice, IMO.

            • chiieddy says:

              Agreed. I’ve lived for over a week in a tent with a propane stove and a campfire as my only cooking source. Purchase of ice and a cooler kept my food preserved just fine.

              Granted this is longer than a week, but it is possible to purchase your food in smaller quantities. Just go to the market for what you want and don’t make huge portions and to live out of a cooler. It’s not ideal, it’s not great. I’d be pissed, but I certainly wouldn’t be eating out 21 times a week.

      • abluvion says:

        I’m with SteveDave on this one – it’s not necessary to eat out 3x per day simply because you don’t have a stove. What about cereal? Sandwiches? Salads? Microwaved soup? Stating that you’ve had to eat out for every meal because of Best Buy seems an exaggerated plea for sympathy.

        • Rectilinear Propagation says:

          Stating that you’ve had to eat out for every meal because of Best Buy seems an exaggerated plea for sympathy.

          To say that Best Buy has made it completely impossible to make food at home may be an exaggeration but I don’t find it at all hard to believe that they’ve taken to eating out all of the time.

          There are people who eat out all the time by preference despite having a stocked kitchen. I have no problem believing that some people would resort to eating out all the time if not having a stocked kitchen makes it harder to make full meals.

          • DanRydell says:

            That’s a choice though. They chose the most expensive way to deal with their problem.

            When I was renovating my house I didn’t have a kitchen for 6 months. We got by without eating out 3 meals a day. Cereal for breakfast is obvious. We also used a toaster oven to cook a lot.

            Their story is lacking a lot of details, so it’s clear which appliances they still have in their kitchen. Presumably they have a microwave still, because there would have been no issues fitting that through the door and it wouldn’t have been necessary to remove the old one before the new one was delivered. So that’s another option.

        • Farleyboy007 says:

          They don’t have a fridge, or microwave. I’d avoid buying groceries as well if i didn’t have the appliances necessary to cook or store them.

          That said, good luck with getting best buy to do anything in a timely manner. I bought a washer and dryer from them several years ago and went through hell trying to get them to do it right. I got a broken dryer, then the wrong dryer, and each time they wanted to set up an appt to retrieve the defective item, “return” it, put the money back on my best buy card and have me repurchase it. I think when all was said and done, 3 months later, i got 15% off the purchase. whoopdedoo.

          • hoi-polloi says:

            How do you know they’re without a fridge and microwave? How you know a functional fridge isn’t one of the appliances waiting to get carted away? If you know the new fridge will fit out of the box, unpack it and plug it in. If you think you’ll have to return it, use the old one (if possible).

            Even if you lack those, you can buy or borrow a cooler. Buy a bag of ice every couple days. I’ve done that when car camping for a week. Buy a cheap microwave, then give it to a local charity when your fancy one gets here. Cook on a cheap camp stove. Hell, you can make a cheap camp stove out of a soda can and denatured alcohol. Ideal? No, but it’s an option for cooking. On top of that, there are loads of food that don’t need to be cooled or cooked to be consumed. This seems like a great time of year for summer sausage and crackers or french bread.

          • jessjj347 says:

            I agree with others. This story is missing some facts, so it’s hard to tell why they need to eat out.

            If they have a microwave or toaster oven, then I don’t see why they can’t eat some meals in. But I guess that entirely depends on their eating habits. Maybe 3 meals out just means they’re eating lunch at work, so technically it’s accurate, just a little misleading. Or maybe they’re eating with their neighbors every day…lol. It’s all guesses.

          • Dallas_shopper says:

            You can get a small cube fridge and a small microwave for about what a week of restaurant meals would cost you. They could have done that, but didn’t. I’d be sick of their whining too.

        • coren says:

          Almost all of those things require a microwave or a fridge or both. If they bought a mini fridge and a second microwave I’m sure that would be a strike against them instead.

    • aka_mich says:

      The way it reads I kind of get the feeling it’s a new home that doesn’t have existing appliances so the thought that if the old fits the new should as well may not work. Also, if one of the appliances still sitting in the garage is the fridge and like I said it’s a new home so there is no old fridge, having no fridge makes it hard to make even the little stuff at home.

      I guess we need more information though. Just the way I read it however being it makes no mention of old appliances.

      • hoi-polloi says:

        The article mentions three items waiting to be hauled away, but not their condition. We’re left guessing which three items were successfully installed, which two are in the garage, and which one is still in limbo. They didn’t complain about laundry, so they likely have the washer and dryer. Fitting the microwave in wouldn’t be an issue, so it’s either in the kitchen or in limbo. I’d guess we’re talking about the stove and fridge, but we can’t be certain. This is an unintended exercise in logic that the OP or Steve should have avoided with a bit of effort.

        As I said in another post, a fridge will work perfectly in the garage. If they are without a stove, they could find inexpensive alternatives relatively easily. I’m sorry things haven’t worked out, but I wouldn’t disconnect and move functional appliances until the new ones were ready for installation.

  7. rpm773 says:

    What would you do in their situation?

    I’d get some people together, buy some pizza and beer, and have an appliance moving party.

    Or you can wait for Best Buy to make it right. But based on the track record, that could be October or something

    • bethSMASH says:

      After moving, have the pizza and beer-filled moving party trek over to Best Buy and demand a refund. Get your appliances moved in and get a nice dose of mob justice.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      Better to provide some money so the friend can buy the beer to buy to drink after they get home. after a hot day & a few beers, last thing the road needs is a few drunk drivers. It could be a liability issue for the providers too.

  8. scurvycapn says:

    I believe my washing machine’s box was too big to get through the door. Unlike the Best Buy folks, the Lowe’s delivery folks used their brains and removed the washer from the box and brought it into the house that way.

    • blag says:

      Lol, yeah, that sounds like the essence of the problem. The Best Buy people were too dumb to deliver appliances.

      A couple of years ago I bought a gorgeous washer/dryer set from Lowe’s. They installed them into a really tight place, and in the process, got a small scratch on the dryer. They promptly took $200 off the price.

    • amuro98 says:

      I don’t get it. The times I’ve had appliances delivered, they never brought them into the house in the box. The boxes are way too large.

      Instead, they always took the appliance off the truck, took it out of the box, and wrapped it in a moving blanket before moving it into the house and installing it.

      And yes, this was even from Best Buy!

  9. chaesar says:

    when did we become a nation of helplessness?

    • blag says:

      Seriously? We’re a nation of DIYers!

      Thanks to websites like this, we’ve come to expect companies where we spend our hard earned money to fulfill their obligations to us as consumers. Dumping boxes of appliances in the garage is deficient service.

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      It’s not about helplessness as much as it is about the fact that they pid for the appliances to be delivered and set up and should get that.

      With that said, we moved yesterday and the guys came up with some reason why they couldn’t move our washer. We paid to have it moved, but we moved along, my husband called his dad and they hd it over here in no time.

  10. Leela says:

    Go to Home Depot. Buy a hand truck. Slide the flat part on the bottom underneath your appliance box. Carefully tip the whole thing backwards. Carefully walk the box on the hand truck into your house.

    • sly_61019 says:

      Except they shouldn’t have to pay extra costs to accomplish what the delivery guys should have done in the first place.

  11. Firethorn says:

    First, read the sale/install contract VERY CAREFULLY. If it has dispute resolution, use that.
    Next, use a tape measure and measure the boxes and the door. If they aren’t going to fit, they aren’t going to fit.

    After that, I think I’d complain. Possibly hire an independent contractor to do the install and try to bill the Best Buy.

    Also, eating out three meals a day? Can’t they eat a few cold meals, especially for breakfast? –
    A couple considerations: The independent contractor can probably be had for a couple hundred, at most. ‘Eating out’ all the time might run an extra $25-50/day, so you’re talking a week of ‘eating out’ prevented paying for somebody else to do the job.

    Yes, it’s partially about getting Best Buy to do what they’re supposed to do, but it’s also about having your house in order. You have to weigh the benefits of getting Best Buy to do their job against not having your appliances installed and working for months.

  12. sirwired says:

    Why on earth would you sign for the delivery if the delivery was not completed as ordered? I can’t say I’d accept a leave-it-in-the-garage “delivery” at all.

  13. burnedout says:

    I’m not blaming the OP here, because it took a pain in the neck purchase before I learned this, but…

    Mistake #1: Spending money at Best Buy. Don’t. Ever. Do. This.

  14. EdK says:

    So, someone who is already a Consumerist reader and has read a thousand Best Buy horror stories decided to go ahead and buy a bunch of stuff there.

    Then things go wrong and they write to Consumerist.

    Someone out there reading this post right now is going to go to Best Buy soon and make a large purchase. WHY?

  15. nikfish says:

    If one of the appliances they’re waiting for is a refrigerator, I have a little more understanding on eating 3 meals a day out-of-home. It makes milk/lunchmeat/salads a bit of a challenge.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      I have a 2 cubic foot cube fridge in my garage that I’ve been trying to flog for FREE on Craigslist with no takers (yes, it does work).

      They can have it today. All they have to do is come pick it up. Boom, problem solved.

      Failing that, they could get a large Igloo cooler and put a buck or two worth of ice in it each day.


      People are so HELPLESS nowadays.

      • coren says:

        Too bad you apparently live in Dallas, I’d love a soda fridge for my room but I couldn’t justify the purchase.

  16. Skellbasher says:

    I understand the frustration in dealing with this, but the ‘eating out 3 meals a day’ argument is weak and makes the OP just look whiny.

    In college, I managed to cook for 4 people in our apartment with a toaster over and microwave, and it worked just fine. It’s not ideal, but it’s doable if you want to.

    People should focus on the problem at hand, and not try to make things look worse with drummed up hardships.

  17. wellfleet says:

    1. Why did they sign off on delivery if they were not satisfied? I can’t imagine why OP would let the delivery drivers drive off without either taking the appliances back with them or without unboxing the items to try and get them in the house. This is suspect because the delivery drivers are supposed to have the appliances inspected before they leave because the appliance could be damaged inside the box even if the box is pristine. Did the OP request they not unbox the items?

    2. What has the OP done to remedy the situation? Called the store? Corporate? It sounds like they are moving into a new home and ripped out the existing appliances before getting new ones delivered, not a great plan when you know that you’re not having everything delivered.

  18. hoi-polloi says:

    Like others, I wish there were a few more details. How did the couple leave things when the appliances were left boxed in the garage? Was any further action discussed, or did the delivery guys just get the family to sign off and drive away? Has anyone measured the boxes and the unboxed units to verify they won’t fit through any of the exterior doors?

    Were this me, I would have measured things out when buying. When the items were delivered, I would have asked the delivery guys to unbox them if necessary, possibly drape the face, and carry them in. If there was some reason that couldn’t happen, I’d work out a plan of action with Best Buy and the delivery guys. I’d rather know if I’m on my own so I can begin making plans. Then I’d call my brother or a couple friends, feed them, and carry the things in myself.

    I don’t buy the need to eat out three meals a day. I assume the microwave fit in the house. I assume they have a functioning fridge (either old or new). That will work, even if it’s in the garage. I rarely need a stove for breakfast or lunch. Be inventive. If you’re making grilled cheese, use the old iron and aluminum foil trick. It’s grilling season, and you can make so many things on the grill. My wife used our pizza stone in ours to make great spinach pies the other night, just because we didn’t want to turn on the oven. If you don’t have a grill, you can buy an inexpensive two-burner propane camping stove for around $35. If you’re eating out three meals a day because you don’t have a stove, it’s because you’re lazy or unimaginative.

    I’m not suggesting the delivery people weren’t lazy, and the Best Buy hasn’t dropped the ball. What I am suggesting is that adults should be able to feed themselves without a fully-equipped kitchen. If these options are truly beyond this family, how about hooking up those old appliances while you’re working with Best Buy to get the remaining appliances in the house? Work to get this resolved, but don’t let Best Buy run your life in the meantime.

  19. SkuldChan says:

    I live in a really small town in Oregon (where the OP is from) – and when we needed to replace the dryer we went to a local appliance place – who took the old one away (gave us a credit towards the new one for it) and installed the new one.

    I really don’t see the advantage of buying anything from Best Buy if they aren’t even going to install the stuff.

  20. Commenter24 says:

    I too find it odd that it doesn’t appear the homeowners have done much to remedy the situation. Are they just letting the appliances sit in the garage and not taking any active steps to get them in the house? Just waiting for someone else to come and do it? Take some action and go after Best Buy for your expenses.

  21. Ilovegnomes says:

    I have had an appliance store tell me in advance that they don’t install dishwashers. We had them drop off the dishwasher at our house and we hired a plumber to do the install. Even then, the delivery person took the appliance out of the box before placing it in the house so that we could inspect it before they left (in case there was any noticeable damage). I have never had a delivery person try to bring an appliance inside the house, while still in the box.

    But to answer your question of what would I do? I would call around and find a contractor like a plumber or a general repair guy and find out if they could do the install job for me. Yeah, Best Buy’s delivery guy was in the wrong but I wouldn’t sit around and let myself be held hostage to the situation.

  22. BurtReynolds says:

    I worked at a service center for a local appliance dealer/servicer near my college while in school. Our delivery guys routinely took the items out of the box to get them into the door. Sometimes they even brought them around back to use the sliding door on a back patio. If it was real tight, they were trained to be able to take the doors off the fridge. If we scratched something in the process, we would either offer a credit or replace the scratched panel or door.

    Also, our guys got bonuses off the number of “complete” deliveries they made in week. If we had a call from a customer about a fridge sitting in the garage because the driver/helper refused to take it through the door, they wouldn’t get a “complete” for that call, hence the motivation to do what it takes to leave a happy customer.

  23. britswim04 says:

    Chargeback, motherfuckers. I’m sure Sears or Home Depot would be glad to install their appliances post-haste.

  24. badb! says:

    These people are really that helpless? Jeebus, they might strain their backs!
    Make a damn phone call and get your stuff installed!

    This is what you get from dealing with Best Buy. Buy local, your stuff would have been delivered and installed with speed and dignity.

  25. dawnitopia says:

    You would think that people would have learned by now that Best Buy is a store of morons and their prices are rarely in fact, the “best buy” — if OP was a regular consumerist reader, she/he would have known to shop elsewhere in the first place

  26. stint7 says:

    They must have been new. Delivery people usually know how to maneuver, what to do, how to fit, wtc.

  27. dipthonggirl says:

    Some Best Buys use a third party for deliveries.
    Also, you did not have to accept the appliances. It’s a general practice to unbox the appliances for you to make sure they weren’t dented in transit.
    Also, were the appliances “Special Order” because that can be a valid reason for all the delays. Best Buy changed recently how they do Special Order items to make the whole process a bit less painful.

    Eating out 3 times a day? No Cooler? no cold meals? This makes the whole story harder to sympathize with.

  28. The Marionette says:

    Ramen noodles is your best friend.