Lazy Delivery Guys Left Appliances In Our Garage

Candice and Ryo hit up an Oregon Best Buy on May 2 and dropped more than $5,000 to fill their home with a range, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Now it’s almost July and due to a number of delays the couple still doesn’t have half of their appliances. Even some of the ones they do have are unusable because the delivery guys judged that the boxes were too large to fit through the door so they just left them in the garage.

Complaints to Best Buy haven’t yielded results. Candice writes:

We have successfully received 50 percent of our appliances that are now installed and functioning. We have 2 appliances sitting in boxes in our garage. We have 1 open box item possibly in transit and 3 items waiting for haul away.

This is by far the most complicated purchase we have ever made. We have been unable to cook and forced to incur additional expenses associated with eating out 3 meals a day. We have been disappointed with the results and wanted to bring them to your attention. We are sure this is not the level of service that Best Buy aims to provide.

We hope to have our transaction completed within the next few days, almost two months after our initial purchase. We upheld our end of the transaction by paying over $5000 on May 2nd and cannot help but feel that we got the short end of the stick since Best Buy has yet to fulfill its obligations to us.

At this point, we are unsure of what to do next or how to even attempt to remedy the situation.

Candice and Ryo are afraid to open the boxes themselves because they fear they lack the strength to lug the appliances inside. What would you do in their situation?

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