Sony, Live Nation Are Conspiring To Keep Me Away From The Lilith Fair

Kevin is big enough of a man to admit he needs to get his Lilith Fair on. He was so pscyhed about getting his tickets as early as possible that he pre-ordered a Sarah McLachlan CD just to get a pre-sale concert code that gave him access to early tickets.

He never received the code and says Sony and Live Nation are doing nothing but building a mystery as they dodge his complaints.

He writes:

This is a small deal that I’m likely to blow out of proportion, but I feel that I’m right, and am curious if I’m looking at this correctly.

In March, I preordered the new Sarah McLachlan CD from Sony; I paid $12.99 plus $4.99 shipping, as well as sales tax. I did so because Sony was offering a special pre-sale for Lilith Fair tour dates to people who pre-ordered the CD. Several offers of pre-sales at places across the country were sent to me, but I didn’t buy tickets because Washington, DC, where I live and work, had been announced as a stop on the tour. About three weeks ago, finally posted what venue it was going to be at, but did not post any information on when the tickets would go on sale for that show. Last Friday, June 18, tickets went on sale to the general public. I never did receive a presale code or offer for the Washington, DC stop on the tour, so I emailed Sony. I emailed them because the contact info on the presale dates for other cities was redirected to this contact form: (Sony). They told me to contact the promoter, specifically Live Nation here. That’s great, but there’s nowhere there to actually email or call Live Nation. So I emailed Sony back to express my frustration (and tell them I thought they were passing me off on another company), and their helpful reply was:

I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Customer input and response is invaluable in the continued support and development of our products. We want you to know that we appreciate your feedback.

I could have paid $10 to buy the CD at Target last week, but had gone to the CD presale because of the Lilith Fair offer. I think Sony’s ducking me and other DC fans on this — any suggestions?

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