Sony, Live Nation Are Conspiring To Keep Me Away From The Lilith Fair

Kevin is big enough of a man to admit he needs to get his Lilith Fair on. He was so pscyhed about getting his tickets as early as possible that he pre-ordered a Sarah McLachlan CD just to get a pre-sale concert code that gave him access to early tickets.

He never received the code and says Sony and Live Nation are doing nothing but building a mystery as they dodge his complaints.

He writes:

This is a small deal that I’m likely to blow out of proportion, but I feel that I’m right, and am curious if I’m looking at this correctly.

In March, I preordered the new Sarah McLachlan CD from Sony; I paid $12.99 plus $4.99 shipping, as well as sales tax. I did so because Sony was offering a special pre-sale for Lilith Fair tour dates to people who pre-ordered the CD. Several offers of pre-sales at places across the country were sent to me, but I didn’t buy tickets because Washington, DC, where I live and work, had been announced as a stop on the tour. About three weeks ago, finally posted what venue it was going to be at, but did not post any information on when the tickets would go on sale for that show. Last Friday, June 18, tickets went on sale to the general public. I never did receive a presale code or offer for the Washington, DC stop on the tour, so I emailed Sony. I emailed them because the contact info on the presale dates for other cities was redirected to this contact form: (Sony). They told me to contact the promoter, specifically Live Nation here. That’s great, but there’s nowhere there to actually email or call Live Nation. So I emailed Sony back to express my frustration (and tell them I thought they were passing me off on another company), and their helpful reply was:

I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Customer input and response is invaluable in the continued support and development of our products. We want you to know that we appreciate your feedback.

I could have paid $10 to buy the CD at Target last week, but had gone to the CD presale because of the Lilith Fair offer. I think Sony’s ducking me and other DC fans on this — any suggestions?


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  1. eccsame says:

    Kevin’s just going to meet girls, right? Otherwise, I’m confused.

    • ClaudeKabobbing says:

      But the girls he would meet at Lillith fair would be intersted in other girls right? Now I’m confused

      • Avrus says:

        Giggity giggity!

      • eccsame says:

        Hopefully, he’s going with a girlfriend. I’ll admit to going to a Sarah McLachlan show in the name of love. I even went to two Ani DiFranco shows (turns out that she was kind of really into the ladies). Otherwise, I think he might be danger in a straight, white male attending Lilith Fair solo.

      • evnmorlo says:

        Since they like manly girls there is always the chance that a guy can slip through

        • ClaudeKabobbing says:

          If you a girly man, and you like three-somes with girlies, then this might be the place to go.

      • KathleemB says:

        *Gasp!* I went to Lilith Fair! That must mean I’m gay! I have to go tell my husband, he’ll be so surprised!

        • _UsUrPeR_ says:

          Well let me do your husband a favor then; your shrill argumentative tone gives him a headache. Also, Sarah McLachlan is boring. Finally, while driving, it’s probably difficult to see your blind spots with that ginormous chip on your shoulder.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      He better watch out. I remember the one time I got a black eye from a teenage girl at a Natalie Merchant concert. I tried going into work the next day with sunglasses, but this guy I work with named Joe found out what happened.

    • runswithscissors says:

      I’m a straight white male and I own every Sarah McLachlan album she’s made. I’d go to Lilith in a heartbeat.

      We exist, we’re just a rare species.

      • Robofish says:

        I would go to see Colbie and Ingrid Michaelson. I like them both

      • Geekybiker says:

        I don’t know. About 10% of the population is estimated to be homosexual. Does that make it rare?

      • DJ Nihil says:

        Indeed we are. I also happen to be a straight man into Sarah McLachlan, have been since Fumbling Toward Ecstasy’s release, purchased her back catalog, and went to Lilith Fair’s first run in 97. was an amazing show, also got to see Fiona Apple and Paula Cole.

    • KathleemB says:

      So, women can like bands fronted by men/male artists (the Stones, Clapton, etc), but men can’t like female artists/bands? That’s a load of stereotypical crap.

      • Griking says:

        Stereotypes exist because there’s usually at least some truth to them.

      • nonsane says:

        A woman taking a joke as a shot against Women’s rights? that’s stereotypical.

        There’s no Maneth Fair for male bands, that would be discriminatory.

        Maybe he thinks the bands are bad? This is your opportunity to pull the race card. Go!

        • KathleemB says:

          But here’s the thing: asshattery disguised as a joke is still asshattery. Claiming someone is less of a man because he likes Sarah McLachlan (or any of the other artists at Lilith, I went in something like ’99, so I’m not up on the current crop) is a) insulting to men, b) insulting to women and c) perpetuates the myth that male is the default setting of the human race, and female is less than the default.

          Also, nearly every major festival (besides Lilith, obvs) is a Malefest. I don’t have statistics, but I’d be willing to bet that the lineup of most is at least 75% male, maybe more. I know our local festival is 100% male on the main stage, and even the local Irish music festival is mostly male this year. So should this reduce my enjoyment of these events? Hell, no! I’m going to jam to Gaelic Storm, sing along, and hopefully not get drunk enough to show off my dancing skills. So why is it that a man attending Lilith Fair simply because he enjoys the music makes him somehow less of a man, or requires him to have an ulterior motive?

          • nonsane says:

            Joking about Masculinity is part of being a male. You wouldn’t understand…(obviously since you chose to be offended for the original poster)

            in my opinion feminism is on the same wavelength as racism, or it would be called equalism.

            • KathleemB says:

              Have you seen the way women are treated in our society? The wage gap? The rampant sexism in the media? The glass ceiling? How about the fact that rape is often referred to as a compliment? Maybe the crap beauty standards? Life sucks for everyone in a lot of ways, but the fact that white, straight, cisgendered, able-bodied, Christian MEN are the cultural default relegates everyone who isn’t the default to ‘other.’ As someone who missed out on four of the six categories, let me tell you being other can suck rocks.

              So guess what? You don’t get to define my experience, my feminism, or my sense of humor. And as the daughter of a man who spent a weekend in jail to register black voters, who caught hell all his life for drinking from the colored fountains and listening to ‘race music,’ I really fucking resent being called racist.

              • nonsane says:

                lol@you missing the point

              • operator207 says:

                Try going to an interview for a job, and being told your a white male. We are looking for either a female, or someone of ethnic decent for this position. This was not official, but from the interviewer feeling bad that I scored the highest, yet did not get the job because of my skin color and gender. I know how women feel (at least in regards to the job arena). Oh ya, I have been passed up for advancement because the company is trying to have “diversity in the workplace” too. It sucks, especially when the person that is advanced, is advanced because of their skin, and would probably have been fired for incompetence if they were a white male.

                Racism and “equalism” is everywhere. No one gender or race has it in spades. Only some get it more often than others.

        • KathleemB says:

          Further reading:

          Feminists not being able to take a joke:

          Feminists look for stuff to get mad about:

          Shakesville’s entire Feminism 101 series:

  2. PunditGuy says:

    Hold on, Kevin. Do what you have to do.

    Stupid, Sony. Train wreck.

  3. ConsumerPop says:

    Maybe the pre-sale was only for certain locations? Something isn’t right…

  4. Alvis says:

    “I didn’t buy tickets because Washington, DC, where I live and work, had been announced as a stop on the tour.”

    What? You -didn’t- want to go to the nearest location? Then you changed your mind and did want to go to the DC date?

    • wickedpixel says:

      He didn’t buy tickets to a show in another location because he was waiting for the DC tickets to go on sale.

    • aloria says:

      Sounded like what he meant to say was:

      He got offers for pre-sales for places NOT Washington DC, but he opted not to buy THOSE tickets because DC had been announced as a stop and he decided to wait for DC tickets to go on sale instead.

      • Alvis says:

        Ahhhhh *light bulb*

      • Randell says:

        I was confused on this as well. This sounds like the presale was only available for those locations which had been announced at that point. DC was not announced officially. If somebody in Maine bought the CD would they have the right to say they can get pre sale for any show or just the ones that were announced at that time. Seems logical to me
        By the way, join the Sarah M fan club and it would not have mattered and you would likely end up in the first four rows of the show ( at least thats where I will be)

    • nbs2 says:

      It sounds like he got preorder offers to other locations, but didn’t take advantage of those because: a) DC had been announced as a stop, b) he lives/works in DC, and therefore c) he was waiting for the DC preorder info.

  5. Big Mama Pain says:

    “Building a mystery”-hahahaha, love the reference slip. That no one is owning up to knowing the reference yet is even more hilarious.

    • aloria says:

      I forgive myself for knowing those lyrics because I am female and was 14 when that song came out.

      Man, camisoles over tshirts was such a retarded look.

    • Cameraman says:

      Oh, good heavens. I read the article and now that song is stuck in my head. Phil, you are a bad, bad man.

      I never want to relive the late 90s unless massive quantities of drugs are involved. No, not even then.

      /Rasta wear and suicide poems, good grief.

      • Big Mama Pain says:

        Holy crap, I totally forgot about the Rasta look! I grew up in a beach town, and the hemp pull over (we called them Baja’s) was ALL the rage. With a few exceptions, though, I really miss 90’s music compared to music now. And yes, I am well aware of how old that statement makes me sound! Young whippersnappers ::shakes fist::

        • dohtem says:

          You want 90s music? Here ya go.

          ♫♫ Somebody once told me the world’s was gonna roll me,
          I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.. ♫♫

        • Communist Pope says:

          RE: Bajas, I prefer the term “drug rugs.” Or better still, “Spicolis.”

  6. Vanilla5 says:

    Check your concert date via the Lilith Fair Web site right now. They are $10 with NO processing/handling fees TODAY! (At least they are for the Aug. 8 Atlanta show. We just loaded up.)

  7. Smashville says:

    Kevin I do believe they’ve failed you.

  8. jimstoic says:

    You’re not going to get a seat that has already been sold. That leaves seats in the desired category that have not been released yet. There are phone numbers for Live Nation here:

    If that fails, you could e-mail and explain the situation.

  9. StutiCebriones says:

    Live Nation *is*. Singular subjects take singular verbs. Live Nation *is.*

    • UnbelieverDjak says:

      “Are” could be correct if he was implying the actions of multiple people inside the company. Since he also included Sony, however, the point is moot.

  10. fishy007 says:

    Sony has been giving my girlfriend the runaround as well. She ordered the same cd for the same reason. She received her code, but not the CD! 3 weeks after the release, she finally got a CD, but it was the wrong one. At this point she was fed up and asked for a refund several times, but Sony keeps ignoring her and telling her that they’re sending out the right CD. Problem is that she won’t be home to receive it as she’s leaving for a month-long trip soon.

    Sony just doesn’t care about its customers anymore.

  11. MR. TheShack (SHORYUKEN!) says:

    I went to lillith fair one time. Suuuch a good time if you’re good with the femmes.

  12. Melbelle says:

    The other thing Lilith Fair did was advertise all these great artists, and not explicitly note that only a few of the whole group would be at each show. So the two that we bought tickets for? Not at our show. Awesome. I guess I’ll still go for Kelly Clarkson, but we did the stupid presale thing too and I’m too annoyed with the whole thing to even open the CD now.