Half-A-Dozen Companies Knew About Tainted Drywall, But Stayed Mum And Kept Selling It

Newly released court documents indicate that over a half-dozen companies knew about the rotten egg smells exuding from Chinese drywall since 2006, but they stayed quiet and kept selling the junk.

Earlier this month, ProPublica reported that companies, a homebuilder and a drywall distributor, knew about the stinky drywall since 2006, but that number has increased with the new documents. (Also, one of the distributors, in response to whether the tainted smelled like farts, said, “Some people happen to like that.”)

One of the companies was ripping the defective drywall out of east coast Florida homes, while selling houses with the same stinky drywall on the west coast.

Other companies knew about the drywall and kept asking the distributor to not deliver it, but they would anyway, trying to offload it and sneak it into other shipments. Still, no authorities or customers were notified.

The CPSC recommends that homeowners afflicted with sulfur-emitting drywall immediately rip it all out and replace a number of house components that can pose safety hazards after getting tainted by the sulfur, including electrical wiring, switches and breakers, outlets, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire sprinkler systems, and gas lines.

More Companies Knew About Tainted Drywall but Stayed Quiet—and Kept Selling It [ProPublica]
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