Ride Along For The Day In A Mr. Softee Truck

Just about every neighborhood has ice cream trucks, but there’s something special about Mister Softee. Perhaps it’s the treats, but more than likely it’s the ever-repeating tune that streams endlessly out of the rooftop speakers… even when the truck is parked outside your apartment for four hours straight… But I digress.

CNN convinced one Mr. Softee franchisee in Brooklyn to let them ride along with her for the day, where she reveals how much she makes — anywhere from $400 to $900/day — and the costs of being a Softee driver — she had to pay $90K for the truck and has to store it in an approved lot.

But, aside from making me want some soft serve (in spite of four summers spent twisting curls on cones at Dairy Queen), the biggest shock is that she actually loves that infernal song!

Of course, I might too if I could pull down $900 a day.

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