Ikea Made Me Go On A Treasure Hunt For Bed Parts

All Matthew wants to do is go to sleep, but Ikea is keeping him up at night by making him search far and wide for several extra pieces he and his partner need to complete their bed.

He writes:

My partner and I just spent a week of our lives chasing down parts for a bed, corroborating every negative stereotype about Ikea in the process. The bed is still not done.

The “Malm” Ikea bedframe comes in three separate boxes. The sign above the frames neglects to mention that, in addition to these three pieces, the customer needs to hunt down two other pieces in separate aisles: a slatted base and a mid-beam, without which the frame isn’t even stable.

Despite speaking to several store personnel while deciding on a bedframe, none gave any indication the extra parts were needed.

I will also mention that, if a consumer is brave enough to track down all pieces, the screws packaged with the bed do not actually fit in the supports. You heard me: the packaged parts are only sufficient to finish three-quarters of the construction.

It’s a pity. The mattress I bought for the frame is quite nice.

What’s the greatest hassle you ever went through in the name of home decor?

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