25 Inspirational Money, Career Blogs

Man vs. Debt, itself one of the finer personal finance blogs I’ve come across, has put together a list of 25 money and career-obsessed sites that aim to drive you toward financial and workplace bliss.

Some of my favorites from his post include WiseBread, I Will Teach You To Be Rich and The Simple Dollar.

Which personal finance and career blogs do you follow and why?

25 Inspiring Blogs To Help You Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, and Do What You Love… [Man vs. Debt]


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  1. ThaKoolAidKid says:

    I don’t use blogs. I just let my financial planner/investor in Nigeria do all the work. A few more $2,000 Western Union transfers and he’ll send me the deed to my new diamond mine!

  2. curmudgeon5 says:


    A real-life manager giving straightforward, honest advice

  3. mipo777 says:

    Love Trent & the Simple dollar. He sharpened my focis on the fact that its all about spending $$ on the things that matter to us in life & ssaving on the things we really could care less about.

  4. HannahK says:

    The top 3 in the article are the top three on the web, in my opinion. I learned absolutely nothing about managing money from my parents, but when I started earning more income, Get Rich Slowly, The Simple Dollar and I Will Teach You to be Rich were the only resources I used to become really confident with money management. They’re incredible resources, and they’re completely free.

  5. shadowella says:

    I hate to be all the-emperor-has-no-clothes here, but MvD doesn’t even follow his own tagline. That middle part about “pay off your debt”? Yeah, it’s hard for me to follow a personal finance blog when the dude doesn’t make sound financial decisions (e.g. traveling to Australia for a year w/o any prospects for employment or a work visa while massively in debt).

  6. MongoAngryMongoSmash says:

    I make my own debt at home….

    I was reading Me vs. Debt but there hasn’t been an update in a over a year. It did give me some tips on how to really chip away at debt. I’d never heard of a snowflake in those terms before reading it. I like David Bach but I find that I will probably never be a millionaire. However, I can be debt free, which is a start.

    Personally, I took up an online business doing t-shirts design and honestly, it’s taking off and pays for my mortgage and vacation, without having an overhead. Automatic streams of income are the way to go.